Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rugged Beauty


Bluest of blues transform to shades of green.

Sunlight shimmers like a million diamonds.

Calming winds whisper through dancing grass.

Silky sand sifts beneath my feet.

Rugged beauty grips me heart and soul.






If you ever get a chance to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan don't turn it down.  We have just returned from a wonderful week of vacation.  It was relaxing, beautiful, calming, and just what I needed! 

Last week as we were traveling along the coast of Lake Superior, I saw a sign at the end of a driveway.  It simply said, "Sweet Peace." Those two words sum up all that I feel about the UP.

I'll be looking forward to next year when I can once again soak up the beauty and sweet peace of the Upper Peninsula.


  1. Amen! The U.P. is Michigan's golden secret. No better place on earth to be! So much beauty and history. Except in winter you will need snow shoes and a snowmobile! Glad you had such a sweet vacation!

  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! I SO wish I could've been there with you. I missed not having you around to talk to. Glad you are home.

  3. wow...those pictures are fabulous. don always loved the u.p. and i was never a huge fan. i'd get as far as the island and that's as rustic as i can stand.

    hope you have a great week. oh and thanks for leaving your promise on my blog.

  4. Yep!! Gotta love the U.P!

  5. It is beautiful country up there in the UP! Before we closed the trucking /co. I used to take a trip up there with Hubby a couple times a year. One night we backed into a rest area high on a hill overlooking the lights and lake below. Hubby commented to me,"Look I found you a room with a view!" But, thanks!

    Thanks for sharing the glorious pictures. Glad ya'll had a good time and a safe trip. Welcome home, we are so glad your back. Enjoy the day!!!

  6. So beautiful. I am ashamed to say that I have lived in Michigan for 43 years and have never been to the UP! We keep talking about going. Where did you stay? Any info might help us make the trip.

  7. Those are GORGEOUS pictues! Michigan is one state I've never been to, but I'd love to visit the Great Lakes region someday. It looks beautiful!

  8. Wow - these pictures are beautiful!


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