Monday, September 7, 2009

Of Winding Yarn and Imaginary Hunting Trips

For whatever reason, tonight my dial-up connection is SUPER slow. I thought I would relax just a bit and try to catch up on my blog reading.

Not to be.

I will be lucky if I can get two read.  It is taking 10 minutes or more to load the pages, if I'm lucky. Most of the time I am getting a "can't display" pop-up.

So, while I am waiting I am rolling a skein of yarn into a ball.  I am beginning work on a multi-colored crocheted hand bag. But, more on that later.

As I am sitting staring at my yarn, winding as fast as I can and glancing at the computer screen to see if any progress has been made, my boys are putting up hunting shelters all around me.  They have strategically placed stuffed animals around the house and are searching them out bows in hand!  Lauren is joining in.  She has her favorite back pack over flowing with her stuffed animals and she is carting them around to various locations, chattering away as she moves.

I treasure nights like these.  Calm, slow, relaxing.  No rushing. No place to be.  Just home, with those I love best.


  1. Boy do I hear you loud and clear. I can do chores while a page is loading. Yep, open a new tab...dust, read and open a new tab....water hanging pots, read, you get the pic. I decided a long time ago if I was to get anything done while blogging I had to come up with some kind of Hillbilly system. LOL! You and your blessed family have a super great day!

  2. I love nights like that too! Glad you came by to see me later on that night!


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