Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Falling For You


Lauren Autumn Beauty copy


It's Autumn Beauty week at I ♥ faces.  I love how this picture turned out! The  autumn sun glowing on the side of my daughters face and hair and a few fall leaves (most have been blown out of our yard!) scattered in the grass.  I was especially surprised that this turned out so lovely, since she was rolling every which way and I was just trying to keep up with her!

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  1. I love how serene she looks. Very nice work!

  2. What a beauty! Like her momma!

  3. What a precious sweetie she is. I love the pic..Great shot.

    Have a beautiful day!!!

  4. oh i just love to look at her sweet face! she is blessed to have you for a mommy.

  5. That is so sweet!! Especially that you were able to capture that while she was rolling around. Caleb does that to me - they're so fast. And, I think he knows how to time it just right - he'll sit there for a pose and then darts right at the "wrong" time.

    How are you're boys? feeling better?

  6. Yes, it's such a sweet picture. :)


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