Friday, November 6, 2009

Transformation for an Hour

Lauren is painfully shy.


And a master at making discouraging faces to anyone who invades her sense of personal space.

So, when I had to take her with me to clean our neighbor ladies house I was a little apprehensive, to say the least.

I have known Wanda since I was 15. I grew up living right across the road from her. She is like part of our family and I enjoy helping her when I can. She has severe Macular Degeneration and can't see well enough to clean her home anymore, so I help her with basic cleaning.

Lauren knows Wanda a little. Mostly from hearing all of us talking about her and some from the several times they have met. But, I wasn't sure if she would sit nicely on Wanda's couch or if she would adhere herself to my leg while I cleaned. Thankfully Wanda has The Dish, so we were able to put cartoons on the T.V.

As I vacuumed, Lauren watched me and Wanda watched Lauren. As I moved on to clean the bathroom I heard this...

Wanda: How are your brothers today?


Wanda: Is your grandpa hauling corn today?


Wanda: Do you like kitties?


I sent up a silent prayer that Lauren would come out of her shell and at least respond with a one word answer.

Several minutes later I heard this...

Lauren: Twinkle, twinkle, little star...I know that.

Wanda: What sweetie? Wanda doesn't hear to good anymore?

Lauren: Twinkle, twinkle, little you know that?

Wanda: I sure do like your hair.

Lauren: Which one (character on the TV) do you like?

Wanda: Uh huh, sure!

Lauren: I like newborn babies.

Wanda: My niece used to like Barney when she was growing up, too.

For the next five minutes or so they each held up their end of what sounded like one-sided conversations! I have never been so entertained while scrubbing a toilet before!

By the time we left Lauren was twirling around the living room, doing sideways somersaults and wandering from room to room like an old pro.

Thank you Lord for bringing my little girl out of her shell long enough to entertain a dear, sweet friend. The transformation from shy and withdrawn to cheerful, energetic and sweet was a blessing to an elderly lady who I'm sure is lonely.

And I so want others to see this side of her...


happy, sweet, friendly and ready to love!


  1. God is good and Lauren is a precious sweetheart, Jenn. She looks like a child that the communication has to be on her terms. You are blessed!!!

    You and your beautiful family have a blessed weekend!!!

  2. Beautiful pcitures Jenn! She is a doll and will likely come out of her "shell" soon...what a blessing that she was so sweet with your friend! It takes all sorts of people to make the world a special place...your Lauren is one of those special ones.


  3. That is a wonderful story. I just know that it was a blessing to Wanda. I keep thinking how hysterical it must have been for you. Hilarious! Makes scrubbing toilets a little better.

  4. Too funny! I can see your shoulders shaking in stifled laughter!

    Lauren looks so much like you sometimes! Looking at her brings back childhood memories of us together.

  5. I had that trouble with my second son, and his youngest sister who mirrors him, does the same thing now too. It's so frustrating to have them not even smile at people who say "hi" to them. For the longest time my son would just give what seemed like dirty looks to the people in church as they shook his hand walking out the door. He's so much better now and even has fun teasing with the fathers and young men in the church. I hope Addy will soon follow suit.

    I too, am glad your sweetie came out of her shell for a while. I'm sure your neighbor was really blessed by it!

  6. You Lauren is SO adorable. And what a precious story - loved reading the transformation from sweet and shy to sweet and energetic! Savannah goes through these stages too - I never know what side I'm going to get, the one where she marches up to strangers and says, "Hi, my name is Savannah!" or the one where she is plastered to my leg, peeking out shyly.

    I'm sure Wanda was tickled pink to have such a sweetie pie to talk to!

  7. Oh she's so sweet. That shy thing can be so hard!!! I love it that she came out of her shell just when all three of you needed it. God is good. And so is your sweet girl. And YOU. :)


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