Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I’m A Cat Person



Meet Ellie.

Dog.  Crazy dog.

Cute, but insane.

A dog who chews drywall and rugs, dressers and treasured wooden benches.  A dog who eats glass Christmas balls and light bulbs (which was up on top of a dresser) and lives to do more damage.  Some would say she is just bored and that we need to spend more time with her.  We tried. Really we did.  And she continued to destroy.  She devoured huge sections of drywall off our mudroom walls and chewed up the trim mercilessly. So now Ellie resides outside in a well insulated dog house, where she can wreak havoc to her hearts content.  When we are outside, which is almost every day, she is allowed off her chain to run and play. 

We would love to pet her and love on her,  but she is too busy. 

She’s got things to do.  Like digging, chasing, running, and weed wacking (she literally chews off small trees in the brushy area behind our house).  Her favorite toys, rocks.  Oh yes, and it isn’t any old rock she chooses.  It must be field stone of some size. If you try to get near her when she has one of her rocks, she picks it up and runs away.

100_8014 100_8013

And when she loses one, she just digs for another.  Above is an example.  She has dug a nice trench along her run, in her never ending search for rocks.  A small child could get lost in some of the holes she digs. 

Meet Mack.

100_7981 He purrs. He’s soft. He’s fluffy.  And most importantly he sleeps…a lot!  He doesn’t eat anything he shouldn’t.  He doesn’t destroy furniture or walls.  His biggest fault, he thinks he must have a drink of water every time he catches me in the bathroom. Weird, I know! He’s mostly independent, except for around 9:00 PM, when I climb into bed to do some reading, he joins me.  He walks his furry little self up the bed and situates himself on my chest.  He purrs!  I love a purring kitty.  Talk about being content.  As I read I pet his head. After about 10 minutes he slowly gets up and settles himself at the foot of the bed, all that attention requires another nap.

I rest my case.  I am not a dog person. I just don’t have the patience for it.

In a contest between cat and dog, the cat wins hands down. Goodness, the Lord blessed me with three boys in my house.  I definitely don’t need another rambunctious body bouncing off the walls, leaving foul smells, and messing up my house!

What is your preference?  Are you a dog person or a cat person?


  1. Oh my! I used to say that I was strictly a cat person. Recently, I've become a cat and Charlie person. Our dog Charlie is a bonafide mess. But I have grown to love him. He helps me feel safe and I like to see his smile and happy eyes. I don't think that I could find any other dog as endearing as I do Charlie though.

  2. Hahaha, "cute, but insane." Love that! That explains what our last dog was like. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Cute post. We used to have a busy dog too. He was quite a handful! Our current dog is much better. ;) You're right though, there's nothing like a purring cat. ;)

  4. Neither. Though I would take a dog over a cat - anyday. An outside (lazy) dog....out in the barn. One who minds his own business and keeps an eye on the ole homestead. I despise cats. Sorry. I can smell them through the computer and my eyes are itching just thinking about it. ;)

    My Caleb needs a dog, to play with. Otherwise he sounds like your dog and him are two little peas in a pod. Bored and needed attention. Constantly. haha.

  5. Hi Jenn,
    We had a dog like that when we first got married...and we were renting an apartment! We got rid of her. Then we learned about crate training. Since then all of our dogs were crate trained even if we intended them to be outside dogs. That way if we wanted them inside for some reason (mostly cold winter nights) we could trust them not to destroy anything or use the potty on our rugs.

  6. We have a dog..Jaxi. She is a smaller size dog..but can be quite fiesty...but also sleeps A LOT! She is a perfect boys dog.

    I remember a certin family having 3 dogs...Missy, ? & ?...was one Rags? You also cats too, Right? Between our two houses we had a small farm going on!! Oh, the days....

  7. Joanne, Let's was Missy, Raggsy and Tippy. And numerous cats throughout the years. I remember walking through the gate to your house and having to dodge holes left by your dog! I also remember a horse ride or two. And a ride on a snowmobile with your dad. I thought I was going to lose my life that day! Talk about animals! :)

  8. I am both....a woman of many moods! Heeeheehe! Really, I love 'em all.

    Have a glorious day sweetie, it's just beautiful here today!!!

  9. Crazy-
    I am a cat person. I always had a cat growing up, and the first gift my husband gave me was our cat.
    Our youngest was diagnosed with severe food allergies two years ago ....and at that time, we found out he was VERY allergic to most animals with hair. Cats, horses, bunnies, you name it. Oh. NOT dogs.
    We couldn't bear to get rid of our Tucker, and so seperated him from the baby until he had to be put to sleep last Dec.
    It is hard to think I will never have a cat again-You named all the reasons I liked our Tucker, and feel so irritated with our dog Lucy. She is just so much more work!!!

  10. Definitely a cat person. Although we do have a dog now too. I'm actually getting along with this dog (the fourth dog we've had in 5 1/2 years of marriage, the others I didn't like ☺). I love cats. They are so independent. My cat, too, joins me in bed each night (atleast until my husband comes home at 5:00am). I'm thankful for the dog though as a burglar alarm when hubby is at work. She's been pretty good and doesn't even chew the baby toys, unlike other dogs!

  11. I'm totally a dog person! Don't hate me! :D

  12. Oh Jenn ~ What a hilarious post!! The way you put it all into words is fabulous! LOVE the holes and rocks photos...GREAT!! I am in full agreement with you on the rambunctious boys comment...and they still have their dog, he's just outside! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. You have a Marley dog.
    I have 1 cat and 1 dog. My cat Noelle is quite, nervous, lazy, only lets certain people touch her. She is friendly when her bowl is empty.
    My dog Schotzi a mini-schnauzer he actually listens to me---not sure if he understands, he always greets me at the door with his tail wagging, sleeps on the floor beside me at bedtime, loves to go walking with me, affectionate. I just adopted him from the animal shelter 3 weeks ago I had no idea I could become so crazy attached to a dog but I have. He is wonderful! And I feel blessed!

  14. Cats all the way! Dogs are cute, but if we ever got one I think I would want a small breed. I love how independent cats are, but the good ones let you love on them too!

  15. oops....just realised the dog is a "she"! I guess I just glossed over that the first time ~ sounded more male than female in her behaviours I guess! :)

  16. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have to say, I like both cats and dogs. But I'm allergic to cats. If I weren't allergic to cats and had to choose one or the other, I'd choose a small dog. I am quite partial to miniature dachshunds. They are just so adorable! My parents have one named Chloe. And she is just as cute as can be!

  17. We are God ordained cat people! Ellie's, cute but the digging would drive me nuts! Mack, on the other hand, might give sandpaper kisses rather than wet sloppy ones, when I rub his belly!

  18. I'm definitely a dog person. I have a sweet little lap dog whom I love!!!!

  19. I am SO a cat person. I have two of them.
    Our daughter kept begging us for a dog, so we finally got her one last summer.
    She's a sweet dog, but she likes to chew and dig, and it drives me crazy!!


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