Monday, February 15, 2010

Homeschooling Bonus

No homework in the evenings…


Just hunting expeditions~

And tea parties~

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I am a big fan of relaxing evenings spent with my hubby and children. I am so glad our evenings aren’t filled with hours of homework, stress and tears. Unless of course, you count the times when sassy pants doesn’t get her way or when my youngest boy gets in a tussle with one of his brothers or when my middle son gets a self inflicted wound because he has been trying to rope a horse while dodging furniture and toys in the basement. You get the idea. Instead we get to spend our hours of free time together. Playing, unintentionally learning, and most of all letting our imaginations have free reign.

Let imagination rule!

What are some of the things your family does in the evenings together?


  1. So true Jenn! They'll only be young once and they will remember how much fun they had. Such a huge impact on their lives.

  2. Oh yes! One of the greatest benefits to homeschool is that there is no "official" school needed to be done during the "family" hours of the day. How blessed we are!

    Great pics ~ lots of fun times going on at your house. :)

    Have a lovely week!

  3. I love your sweet family pictures! We love playing games, reading books and every now and then watching a good movie...and lately too much Basketball. :o)

    Have a great night. Warmly, Debbie

  4. This sounds like us (except for the 'boy' stuff. Tea parties are always fun. ;)

    Hubs and I having been catching up on movies/DVR together. Without a sitter, it's sort of a mini-date night while the girls are off playing.

  5. Aw what a sweet post and funny too. I miss those evenings believe it or not. Just too quiet around this ole farm house now. Unless the dog barks or my cat walks on the keyboard. They grow up and leave home way to fast
    Take care

  6. Hi thanks for visiting my blog.

    No homework is definitely one of the things I love about homeschooling. I used to hate the time home work took back when my kids attended school - now I love every minute of their playing/learning each day!
    I also have 3 boys & one girl & my daughter has to have teaparties alone as well (unless she can get one of her younger brothers to join her).
    Hope you're having a lovely day
    Renata :)

  7. When the grandkiddos are here we fill our evening with games and stories. Hubby and I love to curl up on the love-seat in front of a warm flickering fire and watch a good movie to unwind.

    Ya'll have a fun day filled with glorious blessings!!!

  8. Evenings are spent reading, playing games and getting ready for bed around here! The bonus of having young kids is a bedtime before 7!

  9. oh the joys of homeschooling! I so love homeschooling! I love your blog :) I pray you have a wonderfully blessed evening!

  10. So glad you are able to have such nice evenings as a family! I hope we can continue the tradition on this end of the family! Sorry I haven't called you back yet! All is well here- just busy!

  11. You get the AMEN in this corner, girlie!!

    Cute post.

  12. I love it! We love to watch a movie together.


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