Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Check It Out…


As some of you may know I am a contributing writer for At The Well.  There are some great things going on over there that I thought you might be interested in. On Februray 1st, At the Well celebrated its one year anniversary.  There are many new changes lined up for another great year of learning and growing.  One of those is a Bible Study written by Jenifer Jernigan.   Here is a little excerpt of that study…

When you think about God, what thoughts come to mind? Do you picture Him as caring, kind, and compassionate? Is He always forgiving, always faithful, always a friend to you? Does He love you unconditionally, meet you where you are, heal your every wound? Can you go to Him with anything, at anytime? Or, do you view God as judgmental, full of wrath, not caring about your life struggles? Do you see Him as unapproachable and unloving? Do you view God as only loving you when you do something right or something you feel is worthy to be loved? Is God untouchable to you- someone who is way up there in Heaven sitting on a throne that cares nothing about you?

One of the most significant ways in which God has revealed Himself to us is through the revelation of His name. God’s names reveal His very nature and character. To know God’s name is to enjoy a kind of personal access to Him. By revealing His names to us, God made Himself, literally an open book- open to be worshiped properly and open to the possibility of being dishonored through the misuse of His name.

Beginning February 8th, for 10 weeks, we will explore some of the Hebrew names of God and the attributes those names will reveal to us. Join us as we get to know the Almighty God.



I hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful study At The Well.


  1. How cool it this, I gonna go check it out.

    You have yourself a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  2. I read about this study on the At The Well site. It looks awesome!

    Hope you have a great day!


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