Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, Sunday, Monday


I spent part of the weekend flipping page after page. 

Searching through seed catalogues.

Dreaming and planning.


I think I have my list nailed down….maybe! I have my basic vegetable garden seeds figured out. I’m pretty sure I’m ordering a self-pollinating pear tree for my small but, slowly growing orchard. Now I have to decided exactly what I am ordering for my herb garden and what flower seeds I am going to try out this year.

Choices, choices.

It’s hard to decide sometimes.  If money wasn’t an object I’m sure I would go overboard! Guess its a good thing I don’t have excess cash lying around!

Yesterday, I sat down and finally finished the hat I started for myself a month ago. I don’t have a nice winter hat to wear around town or to church. My old chore hat just doesn’t cut it, ya know! I think this do just fine.


Today, today brought us this…


School, mixed with card making!  We are taking Valentines to the assisted living home where my grandma lives this afternoon. Our table was FULL this morning!  But, so were our hearts as we thought of the joy these cards will bring the residents.


100_7599  100_7594

Hope your having a Happy Monday!




  1. How precious that you did those cards with your children ~ how wonderful that they are learning these lessons while they are young! It will be a blessing to the recipients too!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. love the hat...

    Happy Monday?? Trying... I've a got a sick little one...fighting the bug, that only means one thing.

    Lots more Laundry, going on. I'm hanging in there.

  3. How cute your gonna look in your spunky little hat! It looks like the kiddos are havin' a blast with the card manufacturing session.

    You have yourself a great day in the Lord!!!

  4. That's a cute, but classy hat! I'm glad you got it finished!

    What a wonderful thing for you to do with the kids. I used to be involved in Nursing Home ministries and anything you do for those elderly people, is appreciated so much by them! What a blessing to them, and what a lesson for your children!

  5. As usual, you are amazing! You make hats, cards, kids. Is there no end to your talents? Oh, and you write pretty well, also!


  6. Busy, busy girl! Your hat is really cute!

  7. Love the cards-what a sweet, sweet idea!

  8. ooh, garden planning... I need to do that too. My weekend though was centered around getting a dog and researching chickens... Cute hat by the way.

  9. Love the hat! Thanks so much for your last comment - I am so thankful for your friendship!

  10. A garden, an orchard, a cute hat, and sweet cards...I am so impressed!

    I do a very small vegetable garden, I'm hoping to hear more about your garden.


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