Monday, March 28, 2011

Born to Recycle

Oh, my girl, she’s a born recycler!

Have a box?  She’ll claim it.


recycle-5 recycle-2

Even though her momma provides her with baskets and storage bins, there’s nothing like a good cardboard box to tote your things around in. Or put on your dresser for decoration?!

My girl is the keeper of pinecones, rocks, acorn caps, scraps of paper, string, wrappers, pretty bags…the list is endless, really.

recycle recycle-4


I found this collection the other day…odd bits of paper, a birthday card, some stickers, and business reply cards from a magazine all propped up by a peanut can!  You just never know when these things might come in handy.

The foot lotion….she swiped from me.

Yeah, she’s good at that!


And where would you be without an empty mustard bottle converted into a baby bottle? Everyone should have one of these!


My girl, a miniature recycler/pack rat, is teaching this momma to take a deep breath and just relax.  The organizer in me wants to start pitching things at a fast and furious pace, but this girl has a creative side. She enjoys using all her finds to either create a craft project or to use in creative play. 

So, I only eliminate some of the un-necessaries.  You know, like the 10,000 tiny bits of paper she thinks she needs to keep, but ultimately end up littered all over the floor.  Or the endless toilet paper rolls she claims she has plans for, but then proceeds to leave them after 20 minutes of play.  Or the minute bits of yarn she collects from my crocheting that end up sticking to the couch!

You get the picture!

I’m just sure someday this girl is going to be a trash to treasure Arteest…


Or live in a home overflowing with “treasures”….heaven help me! :)


  1. I have one like that! And let me tell you, if you move any of her "stuff" she knows it the moment she walks in her room. It might seem like a mess to me, but she knows exactly what she has and where and what purpose it is for! Funny kids.

  2. She sounds just like my mother. She crafts and makes cards, so she keeps EVERYTHING. But, she makes some really neat cards:)
    I think it's great your daughter is so creative!

  3. love the mustard baby bottle. too cute. our girlies leave quite the mess when crafting here. we can relate to this post. *giggle* i love to go through their rooms when they are not here. thankfully, 'some' things they don't miss when they see the new room reveal after mom cleaned. ;)

  4. This is cute, way to go momma for not harping on her to eliminate these things in her life! and letting her be creative, I love the mustard baby bottle! Have a great day!

  5. Heehehehe!!! I've never seen a mustard bottle used for a baby doll before. That more than Redneck!!! :o)

    You girl has a room filled with treasures that are truly hers!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  6. My daughter is a lot like this too. I was getting worried she would become a hoarder. I'm glad it's not just my kid! ;-)

  7. I feel your pain! My son is a "collector" too. It just amazes me the the things they call treasures ;) I'm a natural purger, so it is hard for me to resist "recycling" his treasures.

  8. We have a collector too! I think most families have at least one :)

  9. She definately sounds like an artist to me!!!!

  10. what a sweetie! this sounds just like my sister growing up. it drove me crazy due to the fact I shared a room with her. she used to crawl around on the floor at clothing stores to find the little plastic clips that fall off of hangers!

  11. Hey sweetie, the pics in my last post were not visible to anyone but me. Sorry!!! Glitch in Picasa. I've reposted usin' Photobucket. Pop over if ya get a chance.

    God bless and enjoy your day! :o)

  12. I like to call it a "Sentimental Pack Rat". I know a couple of those depends who you talk to. Even, I could be one of them at times - depends on what it is;cookbooks,recipes, baskets, antiques, fabrics, buttons, etc.

    That was really cute with the mustard bottle. I recognized the cloth doll. My sister's each had one; a gal from that cloth doll line/family. It wasn't the same one, though.

    But - I'm proud of you... cuz, I could certainly struggle with that kind of "collecting", too. I don't think I'd be so gracious.

  13. This made me laugh out loud. This is my second daughter perfectly. I actually could have taken those exact same photos... wait a second... I think I did at one point! What do we do with all that junk? I'm sure psychologists would tell us to let them be themselves. Wow, though, what a mess! A fun mess :)

  14. LOL - Oh I can definitely relate. I have a few like that - I'm always quick in throwing away anything rubbishy because it will be used for some game & then left lying around. Of course boxes are very popular around here - I have to remember who's next in line to get one! Inevitably they end up as aeroplanes!
    Hope you have a good day - I've done my Sat post as you saw - not sure when I'll be around to linking it as I'm going away next week (homeschool camp!!)
    Have fun


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