Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy as a Bee

Coneflower and bee-w


Yep, that’s been me lately.  I’m not usually an overly busy person, but the last few weeks have got my head spinning.

I’ve been…

  • creating a custom photo for a clients web-site
  • writing Sunday School material for Union Gospel Press
  • editing a photo shoot
  • weeding a monstrously weedy garden
  • visiting my brother and his family
  • writing for At The Well
  • weeding and transplanting in my main flower garden
  • picking, freezing and jamming (not a word, I know!), Strawberries
  • organizing and helping to run a Christian Children’s Softball league (very laid back with games only for six weeks on Mondays)
  • AND doing all the other motherly and household things that I do.

So, if I miss a post or two of yours please forgive me.  Something has to give before my head whirls clean off my shoulders!


  1. This is exactly how I feel lately, too! Overwhelmed!! Most of it's fun stuff, but there's just so much of it! Summer is always when I have trouble finding a balance!

  2. What a gorgeous photo!! Besides my sheer amazement that your head has indeed remained on your shoulders amidst your buzzing to-do list...I'm enthralled by your photography! :)

  3. Goodness girl! Hang in there. See you soon ;)

  4. WOw! What great stuff you are going!
    hey, could you add Pray for Amanda to that? She and Matt need prayers for this birth (which is happening as I type!)

  5. Things have been crazy here too - I feel like all I do lately is play catch up! Hope you can get some relaxing in this weekend!

  6. I'll be thinking of you, my friend. One moment at a time.

    I'm so glad to have seen the little blurp (comment) for Sally... regarding Amanda.

    Can't wait to hear their news.

  7. Summer are sooo busy, aren't they? Fun, but busy. What a wonderful picture!

  8. Oh do have fun with all of that! You truly are blessed Jenn!

  9. Yup...lots going on!! It's June, after all! :)

    Yummy...Strawberries have to be my all-time favourite!!! They'll be ripe here very soon!

    No worries about the visiting...I truly understand! All is good. I *get it*! :)


  10. My head is spinning just reading your list. I've been thinking about doing some jamming of strawberries too.

  11. No wonder you are busy:) Beautiful shot .

  12. it sounds very busy... but you are doing some wonderful works~ most of all being a mom!!!


    have a great day~



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