Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Strawberries, Summer, and Miscellany Flower Shots



Well, after three trips to the berry patch (one in which I only helped pick for others, just in case you think we must be Strawberry gluttons;), I think we are finally done with the storing up process for Strawberries.  Seven batches of jam are sitting in the deep freeze.  And 13 quart bags of whole berries have joined the jars.  There was enough for fresh eating and a tasty shortcake, too

Strawberry picking, Strawberry jamming, Strawberry freezing…Check, check, check…DONE!

It feels good to check it off the list.

On other news, summer is here and along with it many, many weeds.  My garden is calling me and I must be more diligent about relieving it of all the crab grass and other pesky weeds that insist on invading.  I don’t like to use chemicals on my garden so it’s up to me, my hoe and an occasional rotor tilling. It’s hard work ya’ll!  Then there’s the potato beetles that are chewing away at my Potato plants and Eggplants.  I have been picking them off by hand and squishing them between a couple of rocks. And also destroying any eggs I find on the undersides of the leaves.  I’m not sure if I’m winning the war or not.  Those buggers multiply so fast. I’m hoping not to have to resort to an insecticide.  Any suggestions from all you gardeners out there?

I have been enjoying lots of tea the past few weeks.  There’s nothing like it on a super, hot, sticky day. I make a quart jar for myself EVERY day!  I just stick in a regular black tea bag and then a flavored tea bag.  Lately it has been either, Country Peach Passion, Bavarian Wild Berry or Peppermint.  I fill the jar half way with boiling water, and I let the bags steep and steep some more, because I don’t want any weak tea passing through my lips!  Once I think it has steeped long enough (30 minutes or more depending on how patient I can be) I fill the jar the rest of the way with ice.  MMMM!


beads of condensation

My herb garden that I planted in my front flower garden is coming along SLOWLY.  I wish it was doing better.  I have some natural fertilizer that I bought from Gardens Alive.  I think I will apply a bit more of that and see if it doesn’t perk up all those plants I so lovingly started in March.  If I get it to flourish I will take a picture!

In that very same flower bed grows a bit of this.


bell fkower-w foxglove peony-w


My many flowers which make me very happy.  What a blessing!


  1. This post screams, "Summer!". Love it!

  2. Oh to sit and sip on some of that tea with ya...

    I'd sure enjoy looking at your flowers up close and personal. But these photos will have to do - for now. ;)

    Oh- and if I could comfortably bend over - I'd give you a hand in that garden of yours.

    You hear what I'm saying?

    You're a sweet friend. Love ya.

  3. That little girl of darling and photogenic!

    I'm with chemicals on the garden...but squishing my bugs is grossing me out.

    Mulch is saving my life in this oppressive heat.

    And...I'm coming over for tea and flower lookin' in your garden.
    I'll bring the dessert. ;o)

  4. Good job with your strawberry patch picking! I have never made strawberry preserves, only apple butter, but TONS of it. We have had a beautiful last couple of days here in Missouri and have been doing tons of yard work. After letting things go for the last two years, we are reclaiming! :) I always enjoy your blog, and your pictures are beautiful. Have a great night.

  5. Great post Jenn! LOVE Strawberries!!! How wonderful that you have all those lovely berries stored away for winter...YUMMMY!!!! :)

    Happy Summer! (We have sun...finally....I thought it would never arrive!) LOL!


  6. your daughter is as gorgeous as your
    flowers. so glad you have all those
    strawberries stored up for the winter,
    well if they last that long!

  7. When we lived in CA and good berries grew not too far away, we became TOTAL berry gluttons!

    I enjoyed your taste of summer!

    Did you happen to get my note about my new site?

    Come Visit Anytime!

  8. Tea tastes even better when you drink it from a mason jar. :o) That's how we always do it, too!

  9. Yummy summer photos! Thinking I may have to have some tea now!

  10. Iced Tea from a canning jar! Love it! LOL

  11. I love, love, love strawberries!
    Oh my, your little girl has the most beautiful eyes!
    And my favorite flavored tea bag that I also put with the regular one is cinnamon apple, mmmmmm:)
    Summertime is the best!!!


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