Monday, July 18, 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?


Oh MY!

This is how my garden is growing!

This garden of mine is keeping me super busy!  It always does this time of year.  For several weeks we were in desperate need of rain.  Then last Monday we got around 1 1/2 inches when a super strong storm blew through our area.  All the tall corn you see in the above picture was blown flat to the ground and some of my other plants took a beating too.  But, nothing was pulled out of the ground or shredded.  Thank You, LORD! The boys and I were able to hill up the soil around the corn and stand it all back up.

Before the rains came I had a good handle on all the weeds… Now it is another story!  They, too, enjoy all the rain. And the heat that has followed has everything growing at top speed. I am spending hours each morning in the garden hoeing and pulling weeds. I’m not sure who is winning at this point.



I took this picture of my baby beans last week.  Monday morning I had my first picking and I got a huge bowl full!  I will be freezing portions or the next pickings, but the first picking always gets totally devoured by my human eating machines!


cucumber dill


I have lots of blossoms on my cucumbers!  We have eaten about 6 of them and this week. Tomorrow, I will pick as many small ones as I can, combine it with the beautiful dill in my garden, the few remaining garlic cloves from last years harvest, and can a batch of Kosher Dill Pickles


Last year was our first year to try Eggplant!  I had never had it before, but I always like to plant something new each year. WELL,  Eggplant was a winner with us.  So,  it made a comeback this year in the form of six plants instead of two.  In the above picture you can see all of the sandy soil that got splattered up on the plant from all the hard rain. 

The majority of our garden is a super soft and sandy soil.  Which I am thankful for since many gardeners in our area deal with hard clay.  One corner and edge of our garden does get a bit hard and has much more clay in it, but each winter we dump all the manure and straw from the rabbit barn onto the garden and it is really improving our soil.


tomato blossom

I, of course, have to have tomatoes! I have 16 plants set out.  Our plan was to put these into raised beds this year, but we didn’t get them prepared in time.  The reason for the raised beds is that we have a fungus in our soil that causes Septoria Leaf Spot on our tomatoes.  What this fungus ends up doing is destroying the whole tomato plant, horribly limiting my yields. Every year I fight it and every year I lose.  All the time and energy I spend babying the plants, trying to keep them up off the ground, mulching, picking off infected leaves and branches, is usually to no avail.  We had tried every spot in our garden trying to get away from the fungus, except the hard clay portion.  This year we stuck them there out of desperation.  I have been keeping thick layers of straw under them. I’m not staking them, because I told Joel to just forget putting up the wire fencing, since I JUST knew they would go KA-PUT mid-season. But, you know what, so far, they are thriving!  I haven’t noticed any spots on the leaves.  I am praying for a successful year with my tomatoes!  It would be the first in 9 years!

So, although my name isn’t Mary and I’m really not contrary


I don’t have any silver bells, cockle shells or pretty maids in a row, I do have these.

flower garden and hay Hollyhocks

And my garden is growing quite well, thank you!


  1. Wow! Your garden has grown a lot since I saw it last! We had a big storm with severe straight line winds a few days ago as well and lost our lilac tree in front of the house. The top just popped right off.

    I don't have any beans yet and my cucumbers are just now starting to produce. Somehow your garden is pulling into the lead :) Will you come tend to mine?

  2. Wow! It's all so beautiful, and praise God for the rain. We live in the desert, and though it's not impossible to garden by any means, it's definitely very challenging. You are very blessed!

  3. Jenn, you're garden is gorgeous.

    It is obvious how hard work will pay off - it shows.

    I love your hollyhocks. I started mine from seed this year and they're growing but nowhere near blooms. ((sigh))

  4. Well, wouldja lookat that!! Your garden is gorgeous! I love those hollyhocks!

  5. Beautiful! Your garden looks beautiful. This year was my first try at gardening and it is a small one at that, because I live in the city (eventhough I enjoy the country more than the city:-)

  6. Loved seeing your garden photos! We only put out tomatoes this year, but hopefully the new house will be built next year and we can put out a full garden. I'm envious! Never had that problem with my tomatoes. Could be a regional thing. Interesting.

  7. Your garden looks awesome! Ours is almost a complete flop this year. Your hollyhocks are gorgeous. I started some old fashioned ones this year from seed... can't wait til they look as fab as yours.

  8. amazing!!! i am so impressed by gardens. yours looks like it's loved :)

  9. Wow! You've got a great garden growing! And what is that growing in the fields behind it? Corn?!?

  10. I'd say!
    Way to go on those mato's!
    I would love to come hang with you in your garden and weed, something tells me we could have some real intense conversations!
    Love ya Jenn!

  11. A wonderful garden! It's a lot of work, but SO rewarding! Enjoy those tomatoes:)

  12. Oh wow! I'm so jealous! I keep planning to plant a garden but things get in my way (ie being pregnant and having a newborn, a yard that needs work before a garden....) sooooon! :) That is a beautiful garden (by the way, we are in an "extreme" drought-as per the weather maybe it's a good thing I didn't try my first garden this year!)


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