Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer’s Happenings…

It’s been busy here lately at Juniper Hill (that’s what we call this here bit of land we have).  Last week we attempted hay. 


Several. Nights. In. A. Row.

I actually only worked one evening.  The baler was pitching fits which in turn had my man quite near to pitching the baler over the nearest steep hill.  It would tie a bale or two and then miss two, or three, or four.  UGH!  I was praying my little heart out as I rode on the back of the wagon.  I stacked about 8 or 9 bales before he called it quits.  Then I sat around for an hour and a half waiting to see if he could get it working.

We were praying the rain would hold off till we could get it baled and it did thankfully.  Now we are pleading for rain!  Isn’t that the way it goes! :)

In the end a friend of ours came and baled it for us.  So grateful for good friends.



I’ve been walking the fence rows surrounding my dad’s fields, picking Black Raspberries every other day.  Jam making is in full swing and of course there’s been some berry eating, too!


Each morning this is the scene I view out my kitchen window. 

 sis berry picking

Little Miss, after doing her dog chores, out picking the berries in the back yard, Blueberries, Red Raspberries, Strawberries and Black Raspberries. The morning I took this picture I laughed out loud as I watched her stick her berry treasures into the dogs food dish.  Not the most sanitary dishes known to man, but it worked.  Her explanation, “I didn’t want to smoosh the berries in my hand so I put them in the bucket.”  Makes sense to me!

My mornings have been full with gardening. Lots of hoeing and weed pulling.  I plan on showing you what I’ve got going on out there, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

Here’s a quick look at my potato plants in bloom.

potato flower


Afternoon’s have been filled with swimming and cooling off from the toasty, humid days. 


This guy seems to know a good thing when he finds it.  He’s been hanging out at the pool, too!

tree frog-w 

While the kids swim I sit on our top deck under the awning, with my ice cold tea,  and I write.  I have been able to complete my assignment for Union Gospel Press.  It’s on the counter, in it’s envelope, waiting to be addressed, and taken to the post office.  Boy, that feels good!

Now it’s on to the next thing on the list…..


  1. Baling hay can be so frustrating when the baler is acting up! I grew up helping my dad bale hay. I do love it though when it is working smoother. It is so satisfying to see another bale being spit out on the ground.

    Your pictures are beautiful as usual.

  2. Yay for getting your assignment done! Good job, Jenn! Sounds like you're crazy busy, but we need to have a photo play date soon! Maybe next month??

  3. Love your pictures, especially the potato flower and the frog :)

  4. Oh how I remember those days back on the farm. Hot work for sure!
    I just planted my first blackberry bushes and can't wait until next season!

  5. love your little berry picker. such a sweet shot:)

    don't you love summertime;-)

  6. Busy, busy! It was good to talk to you the other day:)

  7. Goodness, how frustrating that would be to deal with, I can just picture you all praying for no rain just to I would so do the same! Oh but what a satisfaction must be felt when you all finish! Love all the choices of berries you have, I have been thinking of someday making jam, adding that to my list!
    Have a great day today Jenn!

  8. Jenn, I love your pictures and your posts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful days with us. The pictures from your last post were lovely too, but I especially love the black and white ones. Hope your day is great!

  9. What a wonderful, summery post! Almost makes me feel like we are having summer too. (Wink)...We technically are supposed to be having it...but the sun is not co-operating! It's been hovering around 70 degrees for the longest time. :)


    P.S. Those berries look soooo yummy....I *love* berries.

  10. your lil' girlie is growing up, mama. so beautiful. picking blackberries = nostalgia. *sigh*


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