Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 07/17

This weeks items: Black and White, Reflections in Glass, Headlights, Seeing Double, Bare


I wasn’t going to participate this week…but at the last minute yesterday, I decided to take a few photos. This is what I came up with.


Black and White

lavendar-bee-band w



Reflections in Glass

We have screens on all of our windows, so this was extremely difficult. Plus, I knew that since I waited to the last minute I wasn’t going to be able to get any great shots from a plate glass window in town.  But, I happened to see my daughter sitting on our back deck watching her brothers swim.  I pushed the sliding screen back and captures this. Not my favorite shot in the world, but I needed something for this spot.  It will do. ;)





Another shot that I would have liked to differently, but on my self given time crunch this one was what I came up with.  And I actually liked this perspective of my husbands tractor!

tractor headlight-w



Seeing Double

Coneflowers anyone?  They are happy, happy, happy in my garden right now!





This is total documentary style!  These goobers were playing a “see who can stay on the floatie” game! 

boys swim


For more great photos head on over to Ashley’s

scavenger hunt


  1. What a great set - but my favorite has to be your black and white. Love that strong contrast.

  2. Great shots this week! Love Seeing Double!

  3. These are all great! Love seeing double and black and white!

  4. for a last minute entry, the photos turned out great! I love coneflowers, and the reflection shot is very cool! first time stopping by! loved taking a walk through your blog, a new follower!

  5. Great shots! LOVE your seeing double picture! So beautiful :)

  6. not bad at all for joining on the fly. I like the perspective on the tractor too!

  7. Everything looks great! Love the seeing double picture. ;)

  8. You sure have a great eye for what to photograph!

  9. That first shot is gorgeous in black and white, great photos.

  10. Great photos!! Especially at the last minute. Your tractor photo is amazing!

  11. Beautiful work. My favorites are seeing double and headlights. Stunning.


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