Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life in bullets



  • The boys have been busy…. very busy!

               ~ It’s been interesting to see the shift from Joel being the one bringing home all the deer, to him stepping aside, sitting with the the younger boys, and letting them take the shots.

  • The boys were very involved this year in the butchering.  Butchering 101 took place in the barn and the boys all dove right in.  The oldest two actually skinned a deer by themselves one afternoon while Joel was on a fire call.  We were all impressed at their ability and gumption.
  • Assembly line packaging cut down on the amount of time it took to process the deer.  Joel has definitely gotten it down to a science.
  • Our freezer is now full to the very top with venison… thank you Lord for Your provision!





  • Our days have been full to overflowing with learning.
  • There have  been many moments of life lessons.
  • Moments of relational lessons
  • Times of Spiritual lessons.
  • And many hours of school lessons.


  • We have been learning how to count money, add, subtract, and read.

school- SycamoreLane Photography

School-4-SycamoreLane Photography


  • Learning how to do fractions, Roman numerals,  converting, and percentages.


school-5-SycamoreLane Photography

school-2-SycamoreLane Photography

school-1-SycamoreLane Photography



  • Learning how to read bigger words with fluency.

school-8-SycamoreLane Photography

School-3-SycamoreLane Photography



  • Learning all about American History… while running a hot wheels car over your hair.  I’m sure there is some scientific reasoning behind this! If I asked him he would probably say something like this:  the friction from the tires cause the brain cells to accelerate into super cell mode and therefore enhances history learning capabilities.



school-6-SycamoreLane Photography



  • And most importantly we’re learning how to be who God has called us to be… a family who serves, loves, and works together.


Kids Christams photo shoot 2012-6-SycamoreLane Photography


  1. I love it! So awesome when our boys start to do manly things. Josiah just saved up and got an archery bow. Can't believe he is old enough to think about hunting now. My husband is so excited to have a hunting buddy next year :) Tell your boys good job! They are/will be good providers.

    1. My boys have enjoyed bow hunting, too! I bet Josiah is super excited to soon be able to go hunting with his dad. I know my boys couldn't wait.

  2. this made me feel weepy . . . missing those sweet days,
    even though i know you are working very hard and
    probably feeling weepy, too. :)

    our two middle kids (24 and 22) recently had a very
    hard time for which i have been fasting (the only sure
    way for me to pray effectively.) i am seeing such
    sweet fruit and am so grateful to the Lord.

    you will enjoy even sweeter fruit!

    1. Sorry to hear that your children are struggling. It breaks a momma's heart doesn't it? Praying and fasting is definitely the most powerful thing we can do isn't it!

  3. Great post! Love all your pictures. So glad God provided the deer!

  4. Love this! My husband has also stepped aside a bit from his own hunting in order to help our oldest hunt. She's done so well this year!!

    1. I bet she is loving having the time with her dad, too!

  5. Ms. Jenn I appreciate this journal you posted. Learning and learning to be successful in life can only be with God's directing hand guiding our everyday decisions. Your children are growing up so fast just like mind.

  6. Congratulations on the full freezer!! That is such a blessing. I grew up with a Dad and brothers who did all of the above:) I love that you have so many hunters. I like the bottom picture of all of your kiddos! It was nice to peek into your days. I pray that you have a blessed Christmas season.

    1. Thanks, Jhona! This house is definitely full of testosterone! :)

  7. Hi Jenn! I've been so missing from blog world lately (my own and everyone else's) but I just wanted to say I enjoyed this post. Love the part about the scientific reason for a hotwheels car in the hair while learning!!!!!! I have a boy so I totally GET that!

  8. wow...that's a lot of deer meat! that's awesome! that will be hard for watch my baby boy go hunting with a gun, but he's already talking about it!

    God bless~

  9. that is a lot of deer meat! It was wonderful seeing pics of your family. I pray for you often :)


  10. Love this post my friend. And...Yippee for the provisions of the LORD!! What a great blessing to have all that meat in your freezer. God is so Good!! Is that last photo your Christmas pic?? LOVE it!!! :)

    Love you!
    Camille XO


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