Monday, November 12, 2012


Days are just happening over here.  They come, then slip right through my fingers.

I never imagined the amount of time and dedication it would take to teach a 10th grader, an 8th grader, a 5th grader, and a 1st grader. The school struggles and special needs sometimes feel way above my capability. There’s a few things that have me scratching my head, wondering what our next step should be.

One thing I’m positive about is that it won’t be a step backwards. And it won’t be a step towards public schooling. We are in this together for the long haul and we will conquer this together.

I have been doing a fair amount of researching and brain storming this fall. I’m am completely dedicated to providing the BEST education for my children.

At times it just leaves me breathless.  I am in charge of a whole lot here!

Responsibility is a big word and carries quite a bit of weight.




But, some days what looms even bigger, now that I am raising teenagers, is the issue of their hearts. Being a teenager is tough and sometimes raising a teenager can be even tougher! Above all else I want my children to live for Christ. I desire for them to have a fire within them to serve the Lord. And so that has become my daily prayer.

In the moments of bickering and bad attitudes I often forget the goal.  I get swept up in annoyance, forgetting that my desire is to train their hearts not have robot children who respond at the sound of an angry voice.

I want heart change for my children.




I want them to know that I love them with a never ending love. I want them to know that here in my home they are safe and it is safe to be open and honest. I want them to know and have no doubts that they are a child of God. I want them to be able to go out into this world and stand strong for their belief in a good God.

It’s a crazy world out there and getting crazier by the minute. Here in our protected country home it doesn’t seem so bad and they are exposed to very little. But, bad can seep in anywhere and I need to make sure they know how to fight against that which desires to overcome them.

It really is a battle field. I am beginning to see that more and more.

I’m not backing down.

I am standing in my God given armor. And I’m battling in prayer and the Word for my children.

The Lord goes before He is Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord is my Banner. He’s my fortress and my shield. As I head into battle for my children, prayer warrior and momma soldier, I am proclaiming my children are Christ’s.

He will battle for me. He will make our paths clear.

He will solve daily dilemmas for His good. And He will be our stronghold on the days when they seem to be too much.

God is good all the time.


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  1. I love reading your posts, along with your amazing pictures. They really speak and touch my heart!

  2. i remember thinking that my children would
    never . . . do anything terrible. a couple of
    them did . . . and do just like me. His grace
    is sufficient, and He keeps drawing our hearts
    to Him.

    you are carrying the torch for your loved ones
    hearts. He will help you carry it and give you

  3. Welcome to SDG! Love your honest concerns and heart here. I struggle and wrestle with some similar feelings about my children's hearts and for them not to respond to an angry voice which seems to creep up more days than I want it to.
    But, you are right...God is your banner and it can cover all.

  4. In my bible study class, we have been talking about how important it is to put on the Amor of God. When we do this, we model how to do it for our own children. I find that I need daily reminders to do this and on the days that I think I don't need His armor, those are the days I end up needing it most. WElcome to SDG!

  5. There is so much we want for and from our children. I know my response used to be so impatient; I wanted them to be older sooner than they were ready to be.

    Your heart is in the right place. The challenges will grow you and your children, and I have no doubt you will all look back with gratitude on these times.

    Glad you found SDG-I just love the ladies there!

  6. Welcome to SDG! I love your honest writing - I can feel your deep passion and know God will honor that. AND your photography is wonderful. Good words. Glad I came over and visited here today.

  7. I so remember it being a battlefield too...aaah the memories. You sound like a very strong woman...GOD bless YOU! You will need it for the upcoming years. I love the collage you made of your son...he is so relaxed in the images..perfect.
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  8. I can relate to this for sure. This is my 2nd year homeschooling, and it is far more challenging than I expected. I only have 2 (10 & 14 yrs.), and it's still a challenge. It's easy to second guess yourself, so good for you for standing your ground :)

  9. Amen, Sister! I feel so overwhelmed some days, but I just keep going forward, trusting that God is using my efforts to His glory. It isn't easy. It can be downright painful. But I just have to keep believing that God is doing the real work, not me. Hugs to you and your beautiful family, Jackie

  10. amen! you got this...not through your own power but because the Lord rocks and He's got your back!! :)

  11. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post my precious friend! How Great our God is!! Thank you for proclaiming HIM and for directing our attention UP!!

    Love you!


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