Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ 11/11

This Weeks Items:  Nature, Vintage, Whimsical, Cooking, Weeks Best



There is one lone Calendula plant hanging on in my garden. Everything else has been frosted completely off.  But, this bit of sunshine just keeps hanging on!






I have a couple of vintage metal picnic baskets. One was my grandma’s ( yellow and black) and the one in this photo belonged to my mother-in-law, before it found its way to my house. I was going to set up a shot with the old books, picnic basket and apple, but then I had a volunteer… and I couldn’t resist!  So I have a beautiful little model showcasing my vintage picnic basket!




Whimsical (i.e. playful)

We have some pretty funny hens at our place.  As soon as we step foot outside they come to greet us.  I knew we would have to work fast before the girls got interested in what my daughter and I were doing. Six of them followed us out to the field.  Thankfully they got distracted by some weeds and began scratching around just out of frame.  Then we had one become curious.  She was just sure the apple was something for her to eat. She pecked at it a couple of times before she figured out it wasn’t the real deal, just a fake, and she strutted off.


L & chicken-2-w




My men love mashed potatoes and would probably eat them every meal if I let them!


peeled potato



Weeks Best

It has to be one from this afternoons photo shoot.  It was sunny, unseasonably warm and I was hanging out with my favorite girl!





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  1. Love those photos and your picnic basket! So fun.


  2. Love the detail on the calendula and love your sweet girl!

  3. Great photos!
    I enjoyed them all.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. This is a great set...few things make me happier than yellow flowers!! AND that last shot of your girl with her little crossed legs...just adorable!

  5. The photos of your daughter are so cute! And I love your picnic basket.

  6. These are precious! Love the nature shot and the pov on the tater is great!

  7. Beautiful each and everyone. How wonderful that you have those vintage picnic baskets...I remember them.

  8. Lovely set! Love the photos of your daughter! And that flower just brightened my day!

  9. Great set, your daughter is beautiful! I love that whimsical shot!

  10. All of them charming and all have a "vintage" look. Your daughter steals the show!

  11. So pretty. :) The last one is amazing, and I also really like your header photo...

  12. Great shots. The first one is my favorite! Breathtakingly beautiful! That would look great on my wall:)

  13. A beautiful little her beautiful mama.

    Don't even get me started on the mashed potatoes!


  14. Gosh, Lauren is really growing up! She is so beautiful!! I love that shot of her with the chicken! :o) Aren't the hens so funny! As soon as ours figure out we don't have any food for them, they tend to wander back to whatever they were doing. And they are so easily distractable! (I guess that's not a word...blogger isn't recognizing it...)


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