Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In the Stillness

Psalm 46;10-SycamoreLane Photography-web


The snow falls flake upon flake upon flake. Hour upon hour it gathers in deep blankets of fluff.  On the winds of white comes a deep sense of peace that comforts my soul.  It’s in the snow and it’s quiet hush that the whirlwind of life comes to a slowing halt. As the snow drifts form in waves and crests I realize I have once again accepted busyness as a way of life.  And in the busyness I allotted God his small portion of time.  I wrote Him in on my to do list, packaged into a nice time slot. And in the midst of my busy days and whirling mind, the crazy has returned. My days are full, I’m a mom of four, that is just plain fact, but I need Jesus with every breath, every decision, every word spoken and thought, thought. I need Him desperately. I need His peace— physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“BE STILL and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10

As the snow insulates and quiets the world— bringing a heavenly hush, so I must open my mind and heart to a stillness that only God can bring.  I must insulate myself in Christ.  Wrapped, bound, covered, protected in the insulating beauty of my Savior.  I must allow Him into every moment and every situation of every. single. day.

It’s then that the crazies are driven away and the sweet, hush of peace descends.

As I gaze at the snow outside my window and watch as a new layer is blended into the landscape, I’m tempted to run out in the backyard and dig myself into the middle of a drift. I want to lay down in the middle of the softest snow and cover myself in that gorgeous crystallized light.  It’s a great thought, really.  I think I’ll take it and apply it to my day today with Jesus.  I’m going to dig in with Him, get really covered with His words for me. I’m going to snuggle down, resting in His Presence.  And as my day unfolds and I’m required to live this earthly life, I’m going to do it with the peace of God.  Because I’m covered!

I’m covered in the most amazing, glorious, majestic Light and it illuminates me with untold of peace!


  1. Great analogy! Hope you were able to dig in deep today!

  2. Beautiful my friend. I love how snow inspires these types of thoughts. The way you write about the snow makes me want some here...just a little. :) How precious our Great God is! Yes, truly...He has us covered...we are under His wings! Much love, Camille


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