Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 Things About Me

I've been tagged by Amy from Little Toes and Cheerios.  If you would like to use this meme as post consider yourself tagged!

1) I am a very organized person.  I like it when I have a place for everything and everything gets put in its place.  Clutter bugs me!  I have trouble relaxing if things get to messy.

2) I dislike being late!  So, I always try to make sure we are out the door with a few minutes to spare.

3) When I was 15, my dad started a veterinary house calls practice which he ran out of our home.  He had a surgery room and kennels in our basement.  The basement was also where my sisters and I had our bedrooms! We often fell asleep to our doggy visitors yipping or howling.  At times we were veterinary assistants.  Helping with c-sections or holding kitties while dad removed grubs from their heads.  One night I sat up holding a miniature schnauzer who had been attacked by a larger dog, resulting in punctured lungs on the schnauzer.  There was nothing dad could do but keep it comfortable.  So, I held it most of the night until it finally passed away.


4) If I'm staying home I don't wear make-up. I go with the natural look or at the very most a bit of powder, blush and lip gloss.  If I go out I add a bit more.  I like to keep my make-up to a minimum.

5) I can play the piano, but not proficiently.  Even so, I enjoy sitting down a plunking out a tune now and then.

6) I came to know Christ as my Savior when I was eight.  My dad led me in prayer.

7) I was very shy and timid as a child.  I have outgrown some of that, but still feel unsure of myself in certain social situations.  However, at least now I can answer the phone without feeling my heart drop to my toes!!


  1. Jenn!! After reading #3, I am all teary eyed over here. Yowza!

    I love memes. I always learn a little more about people.

  2. I too am a little shy and oh my, how my heart starts to race if I'm late for somehthing.
    Thanks for doing this meme.

  3. I really can't get past the dog dying in your arms. We are such animal lovers........I know anyone in my family would have done the same thing.

    My sister once tried to save a baby mouse that had been abandoned in the barn. She wasn't successful, but she gave it her best shot. Loving to a fault.....


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