Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Simple, Quick Decorating Tip

Easy Nursery Decorating Tip

When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl I was so excited. I couldn't wait to decorate the nursery. I wanted to keep it simple, the walls uncluttered. At first, I had thought about making large quilted daisies in various pink fabrics and attaching them to the wall above the crib but before I started that project I received some beautiful crocheted items. I suddenly had an AH-HA moment. This is what I decided to do-


I would love to find some old antique baby hangers, but until I do these pink ones do the job. The walls are a soft yellow which doesn't show up well in the photos, but the pink sweaters compliment it well. I have to throw in here that my mom made the quilt and a matching wall hanging that I just love!


This is a simple, quick and affordable decorating idea for your babies nursery. It worked for me! Maybe it will work for you or someone you know.


  1. How sweet. Love the sweater idea.
    My mom has a passion for making quilts-I'm trying to get her to start blogging about it.

  2. Jenn, That looks beautiful! When my daughter was a baby, I did a similar thing in her nursery. I bought a shelf with pegs, painted it, "merchandised" the top of it, and hung three of my favorite layette outfits (including a crocheted sweater that my sister made!) from the pegs. It made a cute focal point. (I don't have a handy picture of it ... that was before my digital camera days!). :-)

  3. My MIL has decorated with antique baby clothes for years. Of course, some of them were once worn by my husband! It just makes them even cuter :)

  4. Very nice and simple and I'm all about that!


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