Friday, August 15, 2008

Homeschool Goals

We will be begin our 8th year of homeschooling on Monday.  I have been busy the past couple of weeks working on the boys schedules and organizing our school supplies.  Today I will gather the books we will need for the next couple of months and I will familiarize myself with Jacob's newest set of reading books.

Every year I like to make a list of goals for our schooling days- something we can strive for throughout the year.

Juniper Hill Academy's Homeschooling Goals 2008

1. Giving God our best each day

2. Showing respect for one another

3. Focusing on the work laid before us

4. Listening carefully to instructions

5. Finding delight in what we learn

6. Attending to our school work with cheerful hearts

7. Taking more time for art/craft activities

Jacob's Homeschool Goals

1. Make his own light saber

2. Get A's in math

3. Improve on reading books

Caleb's Homeschool Goals

1. Do good on his 1st grade books

2. Continue to learn how to read

Isaac's Homeschool Goals

1. Get better in math

2. Learn as much as he can about science

3. Do school work more efficiently

My Homeschool Prayer

Dear Lord,

Lord, I thank you for the opportunity we have to homeschool.  It is a blessing to our family.  Thank you for making it possible that I could be home to teach our children.  Thank you for this time in our lives, when we as parents, can come alongside you as you teach us how to love and guide our children.

I pray that you will help us to honor you in our school.  Help us

to put you first, to look to you each day and ask for guidance.  Lord, give me wisdom and knowledge as I take on the momentous task of teaching my sons.  Grant me patience and understanding so that I may help my children learn.  Bless me with insight so that I may guide my children in their learning.  May I see each child's individual needs and learning styles so that we can achieve the maximum out of our days.  Lord help us to have the proper attitudes each day.  Give us cheerful hearts. Lord above all help us to glorify you with our lives and help us to be a lights shining for you.

Bless our homeschool!



  1. May God's blessings shower over your new homeschool year, fertilizing all the seeds that you are sowing. :-)

  2. I have used the Sonlight curriculum over here with Daniel. Hope the homeschooling gets off to a great start for you!

  3. Jenn,
    What wonderful goals for this year! I pray that God will bless you and your children's efforts.

  4. That's the beauty of homeschooling.
    Although, I will send Madi to a public school someday, I admire and understand why you homeschool.

  5. Great goals -- looks like you've got a wonderful year ahead of you!

  6. Thank you. This gave me some great ideas.


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