Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Sticky Fingers


What do all these things have in common?

lotion rubbed into my CD players speakers

a whole pump bottle of liquid soap smeared on counter-tops and in the sink

dozens of drinks, in sippy cups, with lids mysteriously removed, dumped down the front of pretty pink outfits

a small body covered in Picasso like drawings

gum wrappers and bits of chewed gum littering the floor

a whole bottle of hand sanitizer dumped over chubby legs

A mischievous, curious, pig-tail-wearin', blue eyed, 2-year-old,



*Sorry, no pictures of the above events.  I've been too busy cleaning up!


  1. Her and her blue tongue! Might be stained blue 'till she's 18!! J.K.
    Man, she's a doll.

  2. Oh, mercy! Did all of that happen just this morning?!

  3. Oh my! Look at that face. You can't be upset long. :o}

  4. Her expression says, "So? Sue me"!!!

    What a little doll:)

  5. What a great picture! The sucker matches her baby blues! Give her a kiss for me!

  6. Oh no! That's a lot of mess to clean up. :) But my goodness, she could not be any cuter...those eyes!


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