Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulling Out My Hair

ARRRRGGGG!  C-o-m-p-u-t-e-r malfunctioning....m-o-v-i-n-g at snail's p-a-c-e.  Must shut d-o-w-n.

I won't be blogging for several days. I'm sure I'll experience some pretty significant withdrawal.  However, I can't properly enjoy my blogging the way my computer is operating at present.  S-o-o-o, I will be sending it away.  Hopefully it will come back with less of a penchant for irritating me. While I am waiting and wondering how all of you are doing, I will have to entertain myself by catching up on laundry or some other such fun thing!

*Just wanted to let you know I have been reading your blogs the past few days, but since dial-up which is notoriously slow has been aided by a buggered up computer, I haven't been able to leave comments.  Whew! That was an extremely long sentence. I'm quite out of breath. It just goes to show you that I really have been missing leaving you all comments, had to get it all out at once!  :)


  1. oh that's funny - but you won't be reading this, will you? well, what a bummer! hope you get that thing fixed soon. your blog looks great, by the way.


  2. Hi, it's my first time stopping by here and I just wanted to say what a cute blog you have. It feels so cozy!

    That's a beautiful picture of you and your kids on the right. You all exude such happiness!

    Many sweet blessings. :)

  3. I did the meme...hope you got a chance to see it.


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