Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas 1993

Christmas of 1993, it was our first Christmas together in our apartment, which was above my husband's parents home. It made for an interesting year, but that is another post entirely!

I loved being domestic and making our apartment a home. So, when Christmas rolled around, I was especially ecstatic to decorate and cozy up our home.

First Christmas

The photo quality is poor, but you can see I'm in full decorating mode! Boxes everywhere and a shop vac just in case, because you never know. And check out that full head of hair! If the picture was better you would see that my hair was tight ringlets that fell all the way to the middle of my back. This was no perm, people. It was all natural and at that exact moment- poofy!

first tree

TA-DA! What a masterpiece! You must take notice of the two silver disks on either side of the tree. I do believe this was our handy-dandy way of tieing down our live tree so it wouldn't tip over. I'm surprised we didn't just duck tape it to the wall!

Now for the piece de resistance...

Joel Christmas

My stunning, young, oddly dressed, showin' a little skin hubby, on Christmas morning! Yes, we were of legal age to be married, even if he does only look about 12! Now, for those of you who know me in real life and read this blog let's keep this little gem to ourselves, shall we! Or I will pay dearly for sharing this beauty with you all!

For more ancient memories that will make you laugh visit We are THAT Family.


  1. Oh gosh! That is funny. My hubby would KILL me. But I have nine blog lives, so it would be worth it!

  2. I SOOOOOO hope he never reads your blog!! What is it worth for your secret to remain safe?????

  3. Hmmm - duct tape - we should have thought of that. And your husband - what can I say - mine would get me for sharing that one, too! Way to go!

  4. Oh dear LoriLiz, I do hope you keep my secret. Are you trying to bribe me?! My dear husband NEVER reads my blog, so I am hoping to remain safe!!!

  5. I'm not sure what your hubby's outfit was trying to say, but your hair was SCREAMING "HI, BHE. JEALOUS???"

    Too funny!

  6. Is he wearing shorts over sweatpants?? That's hilarious!

  7. Who knew those weights would come in so handy?! Hope you live long enough to post another 'Fro post!

  8. That pic of your hubby is a great one! What a trend setter he was!

  9. Aren't you glad you saved thos pictures? I'm trying to figure out what the expression on your hubby's face means ... and why he has shorts over sweats ...

  10. Love the weights as a tree holder upper. Our first Christmas tree was pitiful, just pitiful.

    And hope your hubby never finds out your blog password or how to upload photos! ;-)

  11. Hysterical blast from the past... Ah I remember those days in that apartment. I am LOVING the picture of Joel... oh, and you KNOW your secret is safe with me!!! Keep 'em coming!

  12. (You may get this twice)

    Those were the days!

    I'm still laughing about your comment on my prison attire!!

  13. Thanks for sharing those precious memories! I am reluctant to put up a Christmas tree because it always tips over and we always leave the windows and doors open so that we can have a draught in this heat. (Good thing you can't see what word verification I have to type -its pretty close to..... never mind!)

  14. Jenny, Jeff is out of town, so I'm catching up by power blogging, and WOW, all I can say is, uh, WOW! There's got to be a name for the plaid, pants, and purple shorts all in one!? I'd better go review my Dr. Suess books. What fun memories!


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