Monday, December 29, 2008


100_4106 I woke up to a big pair of brown eyes staring into mine. I slowly turned my head to glance at the clock, it was 2:30. I mumbled something about it being to early and that he needed to get back in bed.  I gratefully slumbered on, snuggling deeply into my pillow. At 5:30, I felt a presence standing next to me. I opened my eyes and there he was again wondering if it was time to open presents. I gave him a hug and shooed him out of my room. Around 6:00, I heard animated whispering coming from the living room.  I knew how excited they were, I used to be the same way as a child.  I would be so excited that I couldn't sleep. My sisters and I would congregate on the living room floor staring up at the tree and wondering what was inside all the gifts that surrounded the tree.  We would count the minutes until 6:00 and then we would all rush into my parents room to waken them for Christmas. Now I see Christmas through the eyes of my children.  I don't get so excited that I can't sleep, but I anticipate the joy of a blessed day with my family. Finally at 6:30, I consented and I rolled out from under the covers.  The boys quickly called their grandpa and grandma, who had been up since 6:00 (I think it must be ingrained in them), to come over to celebrate with us.

My mom and dad soon arrived with a basket of gifts and breakfast goodies.  The excitement continued to mount!  There was a lot of prancing and bouncing going on as they patiently waited for the adults to organize themselves. As soon as I had the coffee brewing (an essential ya know),  we sat down to see what was in the stockings.                                                          










100_4135 100_4136








Lauren picked out a sucker right away and ignored the rest until we prompted her to keep looking.  After that she quickly got the concept of Christmas down and we were hard put to keep up!


All was going well until Grandma mentioned that she would love to have a picture of them in front of the tree. The boys gladly obliged grandma, but Lauren refused.  We coaxed gently, but the two-year-old with the will of iron prevailed.





Seriously, how can you fight with that on Christmas Day?  So, grandma got a nice picture of the boys, while Lauren laid on the floor ignoring us all.


After the gifts had been opened we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with my parents- Cinnamon rolls, Carmel rolls, Cresent wrapped sausages, and a delicious fruit bowl.  Then we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and playing with the new toys that the kids had received.  I treasure being able to focus on family and Christ's love for us on this special holiday. To me staying in and surrounding myself with my husband and children is the best way to celebrate the most wonderful gift of all.


  1. Aw, the tantrums! Pebbles is a little better about them for now. The new thing is clinging to my leg and wanting everything...Right NOW!
    Looks like the kids had a great day.

  2. Lol that is so typical and seriously all she wanted to do was eat her lollipop!

    better luck next time!

  3. oh my goodness.. what a great picture. hate to say it because it won't come out the right way - but she looks an awful lot like you!!

    so glad you enjoyed the time with your family. it sounds wonderful.

    love to you,

  4. What a funny story, you certainly have a way with words! I remember counting down the minutes until it was finally 6 am. I guess we asked for it eh? I love the pictures, you have a beautiful family and that little girl is a cute lil' princess. How precious!

  5. P.S. My son received many pricey gifts last year but only ONE thing caught his attention, a gift wrap cardboard roll LOL

  6. It's never REALLY Christmas unless someone has a meltdown!!! Lauren is a cutie, even when she is in "tantrum mode":) Next year, you can save yourself a lot of trouble, and just get her a bag of lollipops!!! Heehee!

    What a precious family you have. You are right. There is nothing better than snuggling in with your loved ones to celebrate Christmas!

  7. That is cute! I remember when my sister and I would hide in her room and play board games until it was 6am! My stepdad would go make coffee first and it felt like it took forever!! This year, we did a lot of things different but my kids kept wanting each other's gifts instead of their own. Silly! You have beautiful kids! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  8. This is EXACTLY how Christmas morning should be! Well, maybe not the 2:30 am part, but don't you just love their excitement? And can't argue with a 2 year old. :)


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