Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Pressure!

AARRRGH!  Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. I have had a tremendously busy week.  For this homebody it has been something nigh to a marathon!  And it hasn't ended yet.  Today I have two separate parties to attend.  Tomorrow we will be going to church in the morning.  Then I will rush back home to get the noon meal on the table, because we are having our families over to celebrate Isaac's birthday. Then its back to my parents church for a Christmas program in the evening.

This isn't really what got me in a tither.  What got me wound tighter than a 10 day clock, was the baking fiasco I encountered.  Yesterday, after I had finished my bi-weekly cleaning of the neighbors ladies house, I came home to tackle the long list of  food items I was going to be preparing for today and tomorrow. 

I dumped all the ingredients for French bread into my bread maker.  No Problem.  I mixed up the cinnamon roll dough. Check. I moved onto Isaac's birthday cake, normally I would just use a boxed mix, but not this time.  I was doing alright until I put in a 1/2 Tablespoon each of baking powder and baking soda instead of the 1 teaspoon it called for.  OOPS! By the time I realized this, it was too late. I put the cake in the oven and hoped for the best. I successfully began to brown the meat and onions for the spaghetti.  However, when I went to check on the cake it looked funny, partially cooked around the edges with a couple dozen bubbles in the center.  I opened the oven door and noticed the oven temperature had fallen to 250 degrees.  I got on the floor and checked on the pilot. No flame.  I shut off the gas and then turned it back on.  It started back up. Five minutes later, you guessed it, no flame.  I called my mom for advice.  She lovingly told me she would just bake another cake and that I could bring the bread down to bake at her house. 

As I was retrieving the dough from the bread machine pan I noticed, to my dismay, that for some odd reason there were hard clumps of unmixed dough at the bottom.  My shoulders slumped as I dug out the worst of it and worked the dough into a loaf.  I took the lumpy thing to my moms.  She once again came to my rescue and said she would make another loaf of bread.  Just in case!

My oven is toast.  Joel removed the burner and there is hole in it.  We are hoping we can get a part to replace it.  So today I will be bringing 2 pans of unbaked cinnamon rolls to a party. Thankfully the hostess has offered her oven to finish up the job.

As for the birthday dinner, I will be able to use my slow cooker and stove top to finish up the meal.  And my mom, who I believe deserves sainthood, will be bringing the rest!

Oh, and by the way, my boys loved the cake.  My sweet guinea pigs ate huge pieces of it last night and declared it scrumptious, even if it was a bit ugly.



  1. Bless your heart! Sounds like some of my days here lately. My dryer door is broken so I have tape on it to keep it keeps popping open! Seems like these money problems always happen around the holidays.
    You got a great Mom!

  2. You sound like my week lol, bet were kin some how ,lol.yep done so many things like that now I have missed up mire box cvakes then by doing it my self.Today I missed place a few things & cant find them all, have found some.So I send you a hug & say will it could be wrose but right now it stinks lol. I am so very glad you found out about the gas befdroe it could have done something .so PTL for that. I am hear if you need to talk some .God bless my sistrer in Christ Victoria

  3. what else are moms for but "save the day"...just wait your children will do the same for U!

    Glad it's all working out and I'm postivly sure GOD has already worked out the stove ordeal..hang on and hang in there!

  4. Oh my thing after another! Thank goodness for mamas who are happy to come to the rescue. And thank goodness for little boys who couldn't care less about cakes that might not look perfect, but taste mighty delicious anyway! :)

  5. hehehehehe

    At least you got a funny blog out of it. And your mom sounds fabulous. Can I have her?

  6. Ooh, I hate days like that!!! Sounds like it turned out to be a perfect day anyway!


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