Monday, December 1, 2008

Keeping Christ in Christmas

At the Well topic: Having a "Mary" Christmas: Keeping "Christ" in Christmas with Practical Ideas.  Hosted by Tracy from Thirsty for Him.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year at our house and probably yours too.  There are cookies and sweet breads to deliver to the neighbors, play practices, extra events at church to attend, gifts to make and buy, decorations to put up, and family functions to enjoy.  All  this takes place within a few weeks.  With all the hustle and bustle we can easily lose the true meaning of Christmas.  I don't want our family to miss the deep spiritual significance of the season, so this year I am hoping to slow the pace as much as possible.

Every year I try to make changes so that we can focus more on Jesus and less on busyness and material items.  Some of the events scheduled for December I can't or won't cross off the list, but I won't be adding any extras.  The activities that we will be doing this year will be centered around the true meaning of Christmas.  We will be in the Christmas play at our church.  We will attend and work at the Christmas functions are church is hosting.  We will bake for the elderly in our neighborhood.  All these items on our list will help each of us remember Christ's birth and ultimate sacrifice. 

This year we will be doing something I have wanted to do for the past several years.  I have added an Advent Calendar to our December days. 100_3998

100_4000Our Advent tree calendar and ornament counters.  Nothing fancy, but it will be functional and fun for the kids.

We will be counting down the days to Christmas and giving a bit or ourselves each day.  Our Advent activities will be simple and take little time, so this project won't add any more stress to a full schedule, but it will hopefully place a spirit of giving in our home.  The goal for this simple 25 day project?  To help each of us celebrate Christ this Christmas.


  1. well I really like your header!
    Cute tree!

    and the advent calender is a new one for us as I'm just now going to a scrape class to make our first!

    Can't wait ..even though it'll be late getting started!

  2. I'm going to do the cake on Christmas evening for Jesus' birth and be sure and read some verses to Pebbles. (i hate these fake names)
    I too love your header!

  3. Sounds like you had a similar idea to mine! I am attempting 25 Days of Giving. If you want to drop by and give me some ideas I still need to fill up a few days!!

  4. WOW! Your site is just beautiful!

    We have so much going on at church and school right now, that I am not even sending Christmas cards this year. I believe 20 years was my limit:) We are also slashing the gift list, and focusing on spending more time together, and with our extended family.

    My family was honored with lighting the first Advent Candle in the Advent Wreath at church Sunday! SW read an explanation of the wreath and the Prophet candle, I read the scripture, and CB led the prayer. It helped me begin to get into the spirit.


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