Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Beauties

Last week I posted an awesome picture of my husband on Christmas morning 1993! This week I thought I had better post some pictures of myself. This way I will be less likely to endanger myself by having my hubby find embarrassing pictures of himself plastered on the web. First, I must add this little disclaimer... To my dear sisters and brother, so sorry you are being featured in this post, but if you hadn't been standing next to me this wouldn't have happened!

So with out further delay...

Christmas 85

Here I am with my sisters and brother. I am the one on the left sporting the glasses 10 times to big for my face and a feathered doo! My mom took this picture on Christmas Eve right before we hopped into bed for the night. Check out the matching flannel nightgowns my sister and I have. I'm sure my mom made those for us!

Christmas 1985

A couple of day later this picture was taken with me holding my baby sister Katie. She was born on Christmas day and was the best Christmas present we ever received. Notice my brother still in the same PJ's. HMMMM...I wonder how long he wore those before we peeled them off him!

Fast Forward a few years....

Christmas 90

Christmas 1990- Here I am nonchalantly sucking on a candy cane sportin' the newest hip look- Garfield P.J.s. And no I am not the height of Goliath! I think I must have been standing on a footstool or levitating, I'm not sure which!

Finally we have Christmas 1991:

Christmas 91

Once again we are all gathered for a Christmas photo. I am the one holding my little sister and trying to peer through the hair in my eye!

Just one final note, to my brother and sisters, P-l-e-a-s-e don't despise me for posting these beautiful pictures of you all! I LOVE you and you all know you were just adorable back then!

For more great memories visit Kristen at We Are THAT Family.


  1. These are great! I sported the big glasses too. I know they were the style back then but I often question my mom's judgement. LOL

  2. Haha! That picture does make you look rather tall!
    Great family pics...I hope they will still talk to you!

  3. What a fun post. Reminded me of 2 Christmas' ago when I had a baby. My other kids were totally neglected. Thank God for grandmas (who actually fed my kids dinner in the dog bowls b/c she didn't know they belonged to our pets!)

  4. Too cute! I have discovered that siblings are fairly forgiving as adults:)

    Keep those big hair photos coming!

  5. I like that you were consistently rocking the big hair!

  6. Hey Girl I thought those pictures were copyrighted or something!! No hard feelings though! They do bring back some good memories!! Love ya, Shellsy

  7. Well, well, well.... it's a good thing all of my old photos are packed away in the POD. I could retaliate. It's a good thing I love you so much :) Actually it was a good laugh because obviously we all know everyone has an awkward phase in life... mine just seemed to last longer than I would've liked:) Once we get moved in you better watch your back :)


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