Friday, June 5, 2009

God's Designs




Nine years ago I started making candles. I quickly found that I truly enjoyed crafting various candles and getting creative with the process. Grand plans furiously took hold in my mind and heart. I decided I was going to go into the candle business!  I would sell my creative and lovely smelling creations and make a small, but substantial income in the process! Well, after a couple of craft shows and a few hundred dollars, I began to realize that there were a lot of people out there making candles on a much bigger scale then I ever could. My plans for grandeur fell FLAT.

I came home from those shows deflated. All I wanted to do was help add a bit of income, so that we wouldn't always be living pay check to pay check. I had just recently resigned from a teaching job so that I could stay home with my boys.  I felt guilty for not contributing financially as I had before. I wanted to be able to help even if it was $20 dollars for groceries here and there.

Well, my dreams of being a grand candle maker never came true. I have resigned myself to that.  I have come to know that it wasn't God's design for me. His plans for me were to include so much more than I could foresee.  I was to become a homeschool mom, a mother to two more children, plus continue in the roles of wife and homemaker. 

When I finally opened my heart to God's leading, I found peace. God's plans for my life where not the dreams I had. They were something much bigger and grander. Before I made the decision to let God lead, I was always leaning on my own power. How could I make life better for my family? How could I earn some extra money? How could I, how could I, how could I.  When I ran out of strength and turned to the Lord, He pointed me in the direction of my family. I found the path God had laid out before me. Down the path I found happiness, peace and fulfillment. God wanted me to put my focus and strength into my family, not into my dreams of creativity and money making schemes.

I still like to take time to be creative. I still dream of what I can make next. Honestly, at times, I still envision making money off of my creations. But, I have learned that these must not take precedence over the Lord, my relationship with my husband, my love and care for my children or my service to others.


Nowadays I make candles just for my family and to give away as gifts. I'm okay with it. Probably if I was a grand candle maker I would really dislike candles! Since I am not a candle tycoon, I can enjoy making them, enjoy sniffing them and enjoy lighting them with my husband, children, family and friends!

God's designs are GOOD!


  1. This really struck a chord with me, my family is struggling financially and I am becoming desperate to conjure up a money-making hobby. Of course, I fall short and I grow ever more discouraged. Your post was a lovely reminder to take a breather and trust in the Lord, thank you for sharing!!

    Psst, I love candles and I wish I knew how to make 'em :o)

  2. Aww, I still would buy your candles! They look darling!! And the creator gave you a love for creating things, just like Him! What a beautiful gift!!

  3. Those are cute little candles! You're right, a lot of people make candles, unfortunately. I have always wanted to do something on the side, but God said the same thing to me...focus on your family and let me provide for you through your husband!

    Please do send me that list and maybe I can buy a candle from you to stick in there too! I love candles!

  4. Your candles look really ,really good. I certainly would not be embarassed to have one sitting around my house!

  5. I couldn't agree with Miss Charlene more!-- great way to put it.

    What a talent and I can't get enough of candles.

    However, I love your thoughts. Even tho it's hard to do, God's leading is much more filling. :)

  6. I love your ribbon wrapped candles! Jenn, I so understand where you are coming from. For several years I have had grand ideas of establishing a quilt pattern/sewing business online. I have been fighting to make it happen, but God has slowly been showing me why it really wouldn't be as fulfilling as I think it would be. When the kiddos are grown perhaps the Lord will bless me with the business of my creative dreams. But I'm starting to believe now that while it's ok for me to craft/ design/ sew I cannot let it consume me. I know it's ok for some moms and they do it well, but I'm pretty sure it's not for me at this time in life. Now i'm working on letting go of those grand dreams... for now.

  7. Your candles are beautiful! You are blessed to be able to create these gifts for others. Being a wife, homeschool mom, and keeper of the home is enough. :) I think the world tells us it is not but when we listen to God's leading we will be fulfilled with what He has given us (in my humble opinion). I just recently stopped working to stay home full time and so have been thinking on this much lately.

  8. I didn't know you were a teacher too! (I am also!) I am totally in the position of somehow making money for my family, but the pressure is more from my husband...He wants me to go back to work, and well, we do need to pay off debts. So, you see, I would love to stay home and get the chance to sometimes make more creative things, but...Time will tell;) Maybe you could give us all some lessons on candle making though!

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  10. Your candles look wonderful! I love to burn candles at my house. I'd love to try candle making...but I'm so not the crafty kind, unfortunately.

  11. My husband is our main source of income and I am always trying to find ways to save and show him how much I appreciate that fact he can support us while I go to school. I feel it is my job to use coupons, look through the grocery adds, plant a garden, freeze, can, etc. to save money for us because he works so hard to earn it I don't want to waste it. So I can relate to your post even though we don't have children.....GOD is good isn't he! What more could we ask for??? Life is good too! Have a good day and thanks sooooo much for being my 1st follower!!! wooo hooo you have no idea how excited I am!!!! Tana


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