Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Do You Think?


Last summer, after much prodding, my husband hauled this old milk house over to our side yard, from our elderly neighbors farm. My neighbor kept asking me what I wanted with the old thing. In his words, "it isn't good for anything". Well I beg to differ!

I've got great plans for this little building. To me it is a piece of history. Take a look inside...

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The walls are lined with beautiful old boards, picture wood flooring. Back in the day, it was used to keep milk cold after the farmer had milked the cows. That's why they lined the walls with the boards. The extra layer helped to insulate it.


This old building needs a lot of sweat equity, some carpentry skills (which I lack) and a bit of hard cash. The windows are falling out and I have taken to begging my father-in-law for help and suggestions. I'm not sure how to remedy the window problem yet, but I'm just going to be patient and see what comes up. Also my husband had to brace the inside of the building with 2x4's because it was leaning backwards. He informed me they would have to stay as braces or it would topple over. So, I have to figure out a way to work with them, maybe a coat of paint?

Last year, my husband and Brother-in-law put a new roof on it. Step one! Next step is exterior paint. I really wanted to paint it white with green trim, but I need to keep the cost down (interpret, no money will be spent on this old building!). So, I will be using some left over red barn paint, from a previous project. I also have some leftover white trim paint. I am hoping to get it painted this summer. What do you think? Can you picture this little building painted red with white trim? What about a beautiful white hollyhock growing next to one of the corners and a big grapevine wreath tacked to the front of it?

What my real dilemma is what should I use it for. I have two options in mind I can use it for a potting shed or a hen house. I need your help! Cast your vote. Which one should I use this old milk house for?


  1. Oh how creative!! You have a gift to see things for what it can be :) It looks like it'd be a fun little girl's playhouse, or a potting shed would be fun!

  2. Hey make it into an outhouse :o) so your husband can use it and you don't have to worry about buying air freshener anymore. Genius aye?

    Ah just kidding :P you know, I think it looks great the way it is. You can use it for photography, an aged shed in a field of grass. Gorgeous!!

    Let us know what you decide on :) I know it will be great!

  3. POTTING SHED!!!!! I just love this, you are so fortunate :)

  4. I love it! I think it would be adorable as a potting shed!

  5. it's fantastic!
    put a sweet little bench in there and some other sweet girlie items and you've got a little hideaway.
    but, a potting shed would be more practical...i'd love to have one myself.
    good luck.

  6. Well I think this is a darling little building and I'm so happy you rescued it from doom! I think red and white would be really cute!! And I would say that my vote is for a really sweet little potting shed. Only because I've always wanted one and never had my very own :O)

  7. Definitely a chicken coop and I can supply the hens. We will be thinning our flock and you could have some of my extra hens.

  8. I love it! Either one would be great. I think Potting Shed gets my vote.
    Thanks for the prayers!

  9. I'd make it a craft and get away spot for mom!

    But instead I'll cast my vote for potting shed!..seems it would smell way better ;0)


  10. I thought it looked like a cute playhouse.

  11. I say hen house. Then the pressure to use it is on the hens, and not you! :)

    I see the beauty in it too!

  12. Hmmm, I'm torn. It would be agreat learning tool for the kids to take care of chickens. However, I can so picture a scene from Better Homes and agrdens with a little window flower box on one side, a little stone path leading to it, maybe a wreath on the door...

    By the way Jenn I did post a prego pic on my blog, finally!

  13. Ohh! That's a tough one. A chicken coop means good food, but a potting shed means a place to "get away". Could you share a potting shed with chickens?:)

  14. I think a potting shed would be sooo could put a little bigger window in so you can start plants out there maybe??? Good luck I can see it already! Tana

  15. Absolutely a potting shed. Give yourself a little joy. We had chickens when I was a kid...definitely a potting shed. They are beautiful and they smell better. I admire your ambition. Does this mean that you are feeling better?

  16. My sweet Jenn! Thank-u so much for your prays and encouraging words!It was such a blessing to me! As for the building,I think it would make such a cute potting shed!Hope you have a great day! Blessings


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