Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mama Needs Help


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1) Unload dishwasher, put dirty dishes piled in the sink and across the counter into dishwasher. 2) Pick up socks strung down the hall and throughout the house. 3) Seek out Lego's hiding in every nook and cranny. 4) Eradicate dust. 5) Wipe toothpaste off bathroom mirror and out of the sink~ again. 6) Start another load of laundry. 7) Fold the two loads of laundry heaped on living room floor. 8) Plan and prepare next meal. 9) Gather up two-year-olds toys and have arranged nicely at least for two minutes or so. 10) Vacuum floors which seem to be a magnet for every piece of fuzz, scrap of paper and food remnant.

Does your daily list look a little like mine? Does the housework seem never ending? Are your rushing around constantly picking up or cleaning? Or do you just feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Today I would like to give some practical advice on getting the whole family involved in helping mom in keeping an inviting, clean home.

When my boys were younger I struggled with a perfectionist complex. Everything had to be sparkling clean and just so. I spent my days quite efficiently picking up, cleaning and picking up some more. As the years went by, we began homeschooling and a couple babies joined our family, my ideal began to crumble and reality set in.


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  1. My days are just like that too my friend....feel like a hamster on treadmill!

  2. Ugh, nice to know I'm not the only one! I do manage to get my home immaculate, but only for 2 minutes.


    I just caught my two year old breaking egg-yolks all over the floor. That's one of his favorite things to do and theyre SO difficult to remove! GAH!

  3. funny how our views of "clean" can change over the years!

  4. I really liked this. Thanks for the chart idea. Mostly, I like the part about teaching your kids to have quiet time w/ God, and I haven't thought of really training my son in that yet-beautiful!


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