Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apples Do My Heart Good


On days like these...


I can't help but get all caught up doing this...


I've been busy in the kitchen!  My family can't get enough of this Dutch Apple Pie.  When I'm not tossing together a pie, I'm sauteing apples Scalloped Apples or chopping apples for Apple Turnovers or slicing 4 or 5 for fresh eating.  Lately, I've been making applesauce.  In years past I have frozen the applesauce I have made, but this year the freezer is too full (a wonderful problem to have) so I am canning.  Last Saturday I did up 30lbs. of apples and this weekend I am hoping to do 20 more.  I love being able to have warm homemade applesauce a side dish during the cold winter nights.  Nothing can compare to its cinnamony sweetness! 

Apples definitely do my heart good!


  1. that sounds so good - I"m looking forward to apple desserts of all kinds :)

  2. I so need you to come visit! You could teach me so many things.
    *I sent you a message in your inbox on FB.

  3. Now those are some amazing pictures and I LOVE anything apple too...'tis the season! YUM!! :)


  4. I love apples this time of year too. we went on our traditional apple picking a couple of weeks ago. My littles don't know what the word 'orchard' means, I found out, because we always say the 'apple picking place' LOL

    My dear husband did not allow me to take on applesauce this year, we can it too, so he did it himself, with the children this past Saturday. And will do another batch this Saturday! I was not allowed in the kitchen, only to relax and not see the MESS! Am I blessed or what!?

  5. Ah! So, you put cinnamon in your sauce! Good idea. We usually (when I think about it and it actually gets served in a bowl in- stead of out of the jar... ;)) will sprinkle our cinnamon over the sauce when served.

    Do you have a favorite kind of apple to use for sauce? This year we used yellow delicious and empire. I love courtand for the pink it brings but the empire did that too.

  6. I love your picture of the autumn sky. I love it when it looks like that! Your apples look so yummy! Your family is so lucky to have such an industrious woman!!!!

  7. thank you so much for your prayers...
    it means more than i can ever put into words.
    my heart is broken but i am trying to give all my cares and worry over to HIM.

  8. Is it ok to say that I am SO jealous of your apple dilemmas! Oh, to be able to grow anything! I can say that your apples do my heart good, also!

    Thanks for stopping by this week. It is good to hear your faithful words.


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