Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grape Juice Memories


A couple of weeks ago the boys, sissy and I walked through the fields to my grandma's house, to check on the grapevines, that have grown there for as long as I can remember.  As we picked some grapes for eating I told them why these particular grapes mean so much to me.

When I was a little girl we would spend weekends with our grandparents now and then.  It was always a special time and I now have so many wonderful memories stored up from those visits.

One memory that I treasure is of my grandma's grape juice. On Saturday evenings she would pop a large bowl of the yummiest popcorn, slice up apples perfectly and serve us glasses full of her sweet, home canned, best in the world, grape juice like only grandma could.

We didn't turn on the T.V., watch a movie, surf the Internet, or get absorbed in a video game. It was a simplified life. Before the electronic boom took up so much of everyone's time and attention.  Our family would sit around the table with grandma and grandpa enjoying our evening snack. I remember listening to my parents and grandparents talking. I would half listen at times, but more often us girls would carry on our own conversations. Sometimes if it was just us kids and grandma and grandpa we would play a rousing game of Aggravation.  Grandma would try to be on her best behavior and not send our marbles back to our home bases, but at times her ruthless game nature got the better of her!

Grandma's house sits empty now.  Grandpa has been in heaven for 12 years and Grandma is living in an assisted living home. But, just walking into their yard brings a shower of memories, laughter, a sense of security and a feeling of home.

This winter I will be making some grape juice memories of my own.  Finally, after many years of desiring, I made grape juice from the grapes that grow on my grandma and grandpa's property.


Saturday evenings when its chilly and the snow is flying, you'll find us at the table with a huge bowl of popcorn, apple slices and some home canned grape juice, just like grandma made.

Oh and kids, watch out, because when we play Aggravation, you might just find your marbles getting knocked off and sent back to homebase. I have a wee bit of your Great Grandma's feistiness in me!


  1. Love this post! We had such a great time at G & G's! I'm so glad you are able to continue the tradition with your family!

  2. sounds like a wonderful way to spend time....

  3. you brought a tear to my eye(s)...
    (still wiping them away)

    Life was really sweet back then,wasn't it? I am glad you were so inspired to write this. ;) and, you write so beautifully.

    Also, thank you for your kind comments on my recent posting, Jen. I needed it... for yesterday was not a good day. Ackkk, emotions!! They always get me...

  4. Aww, I loved this story so much! Ive never seen grape juice made this way either! What a precious memory and something so special to pass down to your children! :)

  5. Makes me long for those days...

    My great-grandparents lived in the thick of the city of St. Louis, but owned the empty lot next to them. They, too, grew grapes, and made wine out of them. Of course, I never had the opportunity to try the wine (I had Tang instead!) But I did love our visits and the figs they grew!

  6. Stopped by for the blog party. You have a wonderful mission and beautiful blog. Love your pictures! We homeschool as well and just love it!

    God Bless,

  7. Sound like you had so much fun. Nice photo of the grape juice.

  8. Oh,this makes me want to cry. I have such beautiful memories of my grandparents too, but mine include raspberries! I think I am going to write a post about it, such sweet and precious memories!

  9. You gave us such a beautiful memory in our mind. Your juice is just beautiful and to have your children be apart of living out a memory you had with your Grandparents. Thank you for letting us be a part. Oh, I came over from the blog party. So nice to meet you!
    I will be back when I can spend more time.
    Blessings, Linda
    P.S. We just did a "Grammie and Poppa Camp on our farm last weekend. I posted about it on my blog.

  10. Wonderful family memories! At my grandma's we always sat around the table with the jar of m&m's in the middle!!!

  11. What wonderful memories! I long for days just like that. :)

  12. I know our world of technology is a fun thing that we could never give up, but the simple things are some of the best times for us and our kids really miss out on that. I remember doing all kinds of activities outside as a child. I never see kids outside anymore.
    I can picture you all picking grapes!

  13. So beautiful! What a blessing to have such lovely memories to fill your heart! It is inspiring to think of how these days with our children are so precious...thanks for the reminder!

    Just stopping by to visit from the blog party too...may the Lord bless you!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog...I agree with is encouraging to read other "journeys" in the homeschool world!


  14. Oh wow! I am just emotional today? I am all weepy now. That is a beautiful memory. So touching. Now I want to blog about my grandparents!!!

    *getting a tissue*

  15. BTW, thanks for linking up for the party, I know many women will be blessed by your blog!

    Amazed by His grace,


  16. Awwww This brings back memories of my grandma! We ALWAYS would play aggervation! It is my favorite game to this day! My grandpa would make the popcorn and put it in a paper bag to shake it up with butter and salt....mmmmmmmm we would drink cream soda. Love this post! Tana


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