Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lesson Learned

My heart matches the gray, overcast sky today. Our home is filled with a bit of sorrow. My sons rushed into the house this morning to tell me that our Broken Castor Mini Rex, Molly had babies and that they were all dead. The really horrible part is that we didn't even know she was pregnant. We didn't breed her. However, her babies from her spring litter were in with her for about 4 months until we could take them to the fair. I knew that we were pushing the limits, keeping her babies with her, but we were out of cage space. Plus we knew that we shouldn't have to worry about the bucks bothering their mother for quite awhile, since they were so young.

I feel awful. My heart is heavy. I wish I had known. I would have opened up her nest box. I would have given her as much straw as she desired and more food to sustain her body as her babies grew within her.

Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. Matthew 10:29

I find comfort in knowing that the Lord knows about these five babies. He cares for them. He knows the situation and he knows our hearts are aching for the little bunnies and their momma.

As with most things in life, we learned a lesson the hard way, through trial and error. Today my children learned again how much our animals depend on us for good care. Today we all feel the pain of failure.

But, just as the clouds part and rays of sun filter through, so will our hearts heal and we will be well equipped with knowledge should this ever happen again.


  1. how sad...so sorry for you and your kiddos today.

  2. There's nothing quite like a farm to teach children and parents alike life lessons. I'm soooo sorry for your loss. Please Jenn, do not take responsibility for this, it was out of your hands.

    May you mourn, heal and feel the warmth of our Fathers love. God Bless and may tomorrow be a brighter day!!!

  3. Oh, so sad. But really, you didn't know. I'm glad you can lean on God when things like this happen...

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear. I pray for healing for all the little hearts in your home!

  5. Jenn, I'm so sorry. I know how much those bunnies mean to you. I know how hard you strive to take good care of them and how much joy they have brought your family. I'll be praying that your hearts will mend quickly. Love you!

  6. That is so sad...but like you said-God does care about the animals, too.
    That is hard for kids to handle, but they will get through it...

  7. How sad. We have had some tough animal moments around here, too.

  8. So sorry. Sounds like you guys are handling it well and have learned a lot through the process. I'm saying a little prayer for your family right now.

    God Bless,

  9. I am so sorry for your loss, what a tragedy. My thoughts are with you. xxx

  10. Oh no, I'm so sorry. I'm sure that was a hard thing to discover.

    Peace to each of you,

  11. Oh, this makes me sad! But I have to tell you - what you said about the Lord knowing about these little bunnies spoke to me - because if He cares about these bunnies, I know He's watching me, caring about what we all are going through. Thanks so much for the encouragement!


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