Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cleaning Again

Saturday is my cleaning day. 

I really wish it wasn't.

But, during the week, after full days of schooling, there really isn't much time left for anything but a little laundry and dinner.  Now that Isaac is in 7th grade our days are more full.  He is taking more advanced courses now, such as, Spanish, Drawing and Anatomy/Biology. Then when I add in Jacob's need for me to be close by his side due to his dyslexia and Caleb's need for me to read and explain since he's only in 2nd grade...well you get the idea...LONG DAYS!

So Saturday it is.  The day for scrubbing toilets and tubs, vacuuming and mopping, catching up on laundry, and (cringe) dusting.

But, I don't feel like it!

So presently I am being very self-indulgent! I am catching up on all my friends blogs, sipping coffee with white chocolate macadamia creamer and every so often glancing at the kitchen that is still littered with breakfast paraphernalia.

I really should get my bum up out of this chair and tackle those jobs on my to-to list, they're beckoning me...but its Saturday! 

I know as soon as I start working I will feel so much better.  The sense of accomplishment and a sparkling clean house will lift my spirits.  And then there's this, "One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys." Proverbs 18:9  Ouch!

Well, I can't really argue with that can I. 

Signing off to avoid being a slacker,




  1. You make me smile...gotcha! Lots on my "to do" list today too...and here I sit catching up on my favourite blogs...well, gotta run and tackle that list!

  2. Can I come..huh..please! Ya'll know what a cleanaholic I am and I did deep clean Friday yesterday. Jen, you are soooo not a slacker, I read your blog ya know.

    Have a wonderful Saturday puttin' your house in order. OOoooo I'm so jealous!

    Think I need help! :o)

  3. I feel your confiction, I do! I am so happy on the days that I wake up just feeling like cleaning. I wish every day was like that. It is so hard to make yourself clean and finish projects when you just don't feel like it! Especially, when like us, we have designated days when deep cleaning needs to be done. You know it's not good when you wake up on that day not wanting to do anyting! I got lucky. I woke up today ready to tackle the world! Hubby is hunting, and the kids are being well behaved, so I've already put beef stew in the crockpot, made a loaf of banana bread, mopped the kitchen floor, swept the living room floor, cleaned the couch and chair, put the cushion covers in the washer, and am now getting ready to mop the living room floor. Oh, how I wish I felt like this everyday. My house would look like a palace! I'd send some energy your way, but I probably won't feel like this again for a long time, so I had better keep it!

  4. Don't ya just love to get up and go to bed with a clean house??

    Hope it was a prosperous day!

  5. I hope you get back to resting soon. You need that too :)

  6. I am so with you on this one. Today it is gloomy out and we are going to carve pumpkins tonight...dishes are in my sink and laundry is waiting for me, lol! But, I want tonigh to be special for Madi and with my RA I am saving my energy for her. But, I get uptight when my home is a wreck.
    *I told Andy I sure hope Tesla play Paradise for me! I love that song too.

  7. I can relate here with you... Maybe one day "I'll come Clean" and admit to ALL that I don't enjoy cleaning either. But for now we'll just keep that fact in the closet.

    ;) - lol...

    anyway, I do hope you found God's grace to make it through your day, yesterday.

  8. House work can always wait. We all need a little time for relaxation. Hope you were able to get all of your cleaning done.

  9. That darn to-do list! It never ends! My dear, you are far from a slacker! It's okay to take time for yourself occasionally. So good to see you this weekend!

  10. Oh I know what you mean! I always try to get out of it...I love a clean house, but it's just the doing it that I don't enjoy- particularly the bathroom! Bleh! My cleaning day is Friday...and whenever it comes around I want to put it off. Thanks for the encouraging post to get things done! I think I better sign off too, I skipped this Friday. Eek!

  11. I have these days often! But lately, my "nesting" instinct is keeping me busy!

  12. Ugh, the dust is just getting thicker as I blog!

  13. Chocolate Macadamia creamer? Oooh, can I come and be self-indulgent with you, please??? :) That sounds perfect.


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