Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty Among the Raindrops

It is gray and dreary here today.  The rain has fallen steadily all day and with the help of the wind many of the gorgeously colored leaves have fluttered to the ground.




The overcast sky can't dampen the beauty of God's earth on these autumn days. The colors are so vivid and striking. 

If only it lasted longer. 

But, to me this is where the intriguing beauty lies...the changing of the seasons.  There is always a bit of color or an amazing change in the weather that catches my eye and makes me pause to give thanks to the wonderful Creator.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying God's world where you are!




  1. God is the most magnificent artist isn't He? I am always in awe of His handiwork. The pics are amazing as usual.

    Ya'll have one fantastic weekend enjoying your beautiful surroundings and the Creator who created it.

    God bless!!!

  2. Oh wow! that's beautiful! Our leaves are just beginning to change here and it's drizzly too.

  3. Yes, we've had rain off and on today as well. I can't wait until our leaves are the vivid colors that yours are. I have such a hard time being patient for my favorite colors of the year! I'll look at your beautiful pictures until I can look out the window and see my own!

  4. Those leaves would make the most beautiful maple leaf roses! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog.

    Have a great evening,

  5. Well said! Last night I was talking to Brian about God's creativity! Who would've thought to make green leaves turn such magnificent colors? Love your pics!

  6. He is an amazing artist, isn't He!? Beautiful pictures!

  7. Beautiful pictures. It is dreary and rainy here too, many of the lovely colored trees are now bare, it feels too soon. I feel like I hardly had a chance to enjoy them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. HI, thank you for stopping by my blog and being so sweet to leave me a comment. Your pictures are beautiful. Seriously pretty stuff. The Creator is more than amazing, isn't He. I am always blown away by Him, even in the most simple things.

  9. I love the first picture especially...but they are all beautiful! You are a talented photographer.

    I answered your question about the Math on my blog under your comment...I would TOTALLY encourage you to look into it! It's unlike any other math program I know of...make sure you follow his directions exactly...and begin at the beginning. It will go very quickly, but it's the only way to go!


  10. Isn't it crazy cool how we notice the seasons changing and the beauty that it brings... and then "when we REALLY NOTICE"'s really breathtaking.
    The up "close and personal" is really where the true beauty lies.

    The same as in our lives. Seasons come and go - bringing about change. It may be easy to enjoy it(or not)but either way, when we take a deeper look and really notice what the change brought about, it's then we can really see the richness that God intended.

    Love your pictures... thanks for the up close and personal.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Happened upon your blog, love it!
    The Park Wife


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