Monday, September 13, 2010

Captain Girl Francis


The sun was setting and the wind began to pick up as Captain Marie and Captain Girl Francis climbed the ladder.

The sails were unfurled and the course was set.

Captain Girl Francis, with adventure in her heart and stars in her eyes, led the way.


Out across the sea the two captains sailed, their long hair lifting and swirling in the wind, sea water spraying up on deck. It was a busy time of spotting dolphins swimming along side their boat, taking turns steering the ship, cooking meals and taking naps.  They even encountered engine trouble, but luckily Captain Girl Francis was an able mechanic!


Any troubles that could be dreamt up were quickly righted by the quick thinking Captain Girl Francis.  Captain Marie who was older and not as nimble followed along up and down and all around the boat.  Asking questions and probing for much information.

As the sun began to set, wise Captain Marie suggested they dock their boat for the night and partake of a nice hot bath with a snack to follow.


Reluctantly Captain Girl Francis agreed to call it a night and climbed down from the swing-set fort that had so nimbly sailed the seas providing an imaginative little girl with high adventure.


*All names and adventures provided and elaborated on by Captain Girl Francis the greatest fort sailin’ captain ever to live.


  1. So adorable! I love her imagination!

  2. that's just plain and simple~


    And of course the little blue eyed angel makes it even sweeter.

  3. Were there any pirates aboard that ship??

    I know one Sir Caleb who loves to make a great animated Pirate. A favorite thing for him and his daddy to do. Talk like a pirate...

  4. Oh my, your daughter is sooooooooooo beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing those beautiful blue eyes. She is such a darling. Enjoy your family and God bless.

  6. Your sweet girl has such beautiful eyes! Precious.

  7. This is just so cute & what gorgeous photos!
    Have a great day


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