Thursday, September 9, 2010

God Sees


God sees the boo-boos cleaned and bandaged.

The arms wrapped around to give security.

The back rubs given.

He sees the noses wiped and the fevers cooled.

  God sees

God sees the tears dried and kisses planted on tips of noses.

The time spent together learning memory verses.

The giggles and the tickles spread around.

He sees the towels folded and the waiting piles of laundry in the living room.

Gods sees-5 

God sees the lessons taught, the hours of contemplation spent on getting it just right.

The moments spent listening.

The times spent correcting.

He sees the stories read, the hugs given. 

God sees-2

God sees the meals prepared and dishes done.

The clean sheets spread on beds.

The snacks and drinks handed to little hands. 

He sees the toilets scrubbed and sinks wiped clean of toothpaste globs. 

God sees-8 

God sees the toys organized, again.

The arguments solved.

The boredom busted.

He sees the time spent playing tea parties and lego-a-thons.

God sees-6

God sees each and every minute detail in a momma’s day.


God sees the LOVE.


  1. somethin' about you that knows just what this mama's soul needs.

    almost tearful reading this post.

    cause it's so true and yet it take mama's like you to remind us mama's out here of this.

    Thank you Jenn!

  2. Oh, thank you Jenn. I needed this reminder tonight.

  3. He sure does and at the end of a long and tryin' day you can lay your head on your pillow and rest in Him knowing that you have done your best for Him and your children. I'm so thankful He sees and cares about it all. Beautiful post sweetie!!! :o)

    You have a very fun and blessed day bein' mama today!

  4. Yes he does! Bless you for being a wonderful Godly mom to your children, enjoy each and every crazy, fun, and wild moment. I sometimes felt like my boys would never grow up, now my baby is off in the world working and all done with school! It does happen so fast...:(

  5. Thanks for this reminder. It's easy to feel discouraged some days by the never ending list of needs/ chores. It's good to remember that He sees our hard work even if it feels like we're not making any progress!

  6. Such an encouraging post Jenn!
    Are you feeling better??


  7. Okay... so I did get teary eyed (probably more so because I'm weary-eyed) but I've been reading this everyday since you've put this up... just pondering it's truth.

    Why do we forget this in the most intense of moments?? I just have felt so encourgaged. Thank you!

  8. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    My mum reminded me of this just the past week as well - must be a lesson I need to remember.
    Have a wonderful day

  9. Funny, I've felt so attacked by satan this week in so many ways, and yet God has given me little and big encouragements at different times. It seems tonight He (God) has chosen to use you! Thanks for the reminder that I am working for God...not for man. And that this is my mission field. *maybe* I will remember that in the intense moments and hours of my days with 4 children.


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