Sunday, September 19, 2010

In Celebration


Your deep, soulful, joyful, eyes grab me.

Every time.

Not a day goes by when I am not drawn in by the sweetness I see there.  Your heart is gold, child.  You are tender and loving.  You are caring and kind.

I pray daily that the Lord will use your gentle heart in great ways.  That he will mold you into a young man willing to serve where He sends.  That you will grow to see the full beauty of giving your life and soul fully to the Lord.

You are a treasure to my heart.  A God given gift that brightens my life.

As we celebrate another birthday with you, I am so thankful that you are mine. I love you with a love not easily put into words.  It is deep. It is sweet. It is strong.  It is a love that wells from deep within my heart and overflows my very being.

I love you dear boy! Thank you for being you.

I’m so grateful for another year to gather you in my arms in celebration and thanksgiving of YOU!



  1. Hello! I'm new here! Beautiful post! I have a little boy and anything about a son gets me! Happy Birthday to your boy!

  2. Oh my. Do you have those girlfriend applications ready? They will be lining up. ;) Sweet, handsome boy.

  3. happy birthday!!! love the pictures of him. :)

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet little man! I do agree, Jenn, that every time I see him I notice his eyes do exude kindness and innocence. Just love his little face! Such a sweet, sweet boy! Hope you had fun celebrating.

  5. Happy Birthday handsome!

    Jenn that first photo is fabulous in black and white.

  6. Here's sendin' your very handsome little dude a very happy birthday wish. Oh girl, he's gonna melt a lot of hearts out there.

    Ya'll have a greatly blessed day celebrating this fella! :o)

  7. Happy Birthday to your little man! Such fun photos to go with the post! I *love* your black and whites...they are wonderful! :)


  8. Happy Birthday to your precious son! Your photos are lovely !


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