Thursday, September 30, 2010

Subtle and Poetic

The vivid, various, colors of summer are fading.  My flower beds are filled with more brown stalks than flowers.  Only the hardy few stand scattered among the resting, dull remains of a bright vibrant summer eyed susan-1

No longer can I look out my window and see these striking color combinations.  Slowly with time, nature is changing its coat.

Now when I look around my yard I see the earth clothing itself in a mixture of subtle and poetic.

orange leaf

rose hips-1


Beautiful, golden, warm colors drape from the trees and cling to the ground, reminding me of the changes going on my heart. No longer are these changes so vivid and bright.  They have dulled slightly. Bringing a sense of contentment and willingness to sit back, watch the changes in my life with interest and most importantly to wait. Wait patiently for the Lord and the good He desires for my life.  Looking for the subtle and poetic changes He has in store for me. Because I know they will be just as glorious as the colors of Autumn.


  1. Beautiful! For someone who doesn't like change, I really really love autumn. What a great analogy you drew to waiting on the Lord.

  2. Always loved fall. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. Contentment. Peace.

    Dying to Self.


    Intentional Change.

    These are what I gathered from your post...


  4. Good insight. Love the pictures. You definitely are seeing more hints of fall than we are, but I know it's on our heels :)

  5. You make me wish we had a fall....if only it didn't have to be followed by winter....

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love fall. The leaves are starting to change color here too. Time to slow down and enjoy. God bless.

  7. Beautiful post Jenn. Thoughtful. Aging is not really so bad after all. :)


  8. Such beautiful words. And your pics are amazing!

  9. What beautiful pictures! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing-
    Enjoy your autumn days!

  10. These are wonderful - I especially love the colors in the first one.

  11. So pretty. I love fall colors! I've been decorating around here with all the harvest decorations I found at yard sales over the summer. The colors look so good with my new beige walls and wood floor. Love it!

  12. Beautiful post. We love us some fall in our home... and you just reminded me why. :)

  13. what a lovely post. your photos are stunning.


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