Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simply Saturday~ 02/26



Welcome to Simply Saturday!  Would you like to participate?  Grab your camera and take a picture of anything that speaks to you of simplicity and/or home. Your post can be as wordy or as wordless as you like. You decide!  Then come back here and link up. 

You are free to copy and paste the Simply Saturday button at the top of this post.  And while your at it do you mind  linking to my blog on your post, just to let others know where we are gathering! Thanks! :)


This week I choose another picture of burdock.  I just couldn’t help myself!  The recent ice storm we had left everything absolutely beautiful and when the sun started shining. It was beyond description.  I spent about 45 minutes outside just trying to capture all the glittering beauty.


I loved this shot with the ice mounded up on top of the burdock, the icicle dripping down, the gorgeous blue sky and all the sparkly reflections of the ice in the background. It really speaks to me!  Isn’t it amazing how simple ice can transform an annoying weed into a thing of beauty! I just love that I can walk out my door and see God’s handiwork! If you’ve been here the past couple of weeks maybe you’ve guessed that nature speaks of home and simplicity to me!

Now it’s your turn…what spoke to you this week about home and/or simplicity!

***This linky will be open until Friday, March 4th, so you can enter anytime that is convenient for you.


  1. what an awesome photo. It reminds me of Christmas.

    Yes, I can truly tell what speaks simply saturday for you:)

  2. That is a really cool ice shot. It reminds me of something you would see on an alien planet. I had to read your post to figure out what was trapped in the ice. Great post and keep up the good work!

  3. I LOVE nature too! And what an awesome picture, I love it. You definetely know how to capture the WOW factor :)

  4. That my friend, is one amazin' shot and you captured it so well!

    Thanks for the share!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie! :o)

  5. Gorgeous JJ! I went out this week when it was sunny to enjoy all the ice too!

  6. Once again, I am amazed at those beautiful ice pictures you've taken!

  7. I love the photo Jenn! You are such a talented photographer! I remembered to join in this week - YAY!!
    Have a great weekend

  8. I would love to go out on a walk with you! Oh we'd have some fun! Happy Saturday sweets!

  9. That is such a great photo!! So cool.


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