Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simply Saturday~ 02/12



Welcome to Simply Saturday!  Would you like to participate?  Grab your camera and take a picture of anything that speaks to you of simplicity and/or home. All levels of photographers welcome! Your post can be as wordy or as wordless as you like. You decide!  Then come back here and link up. 

You are free to copy and paste the Simply Saturday button at the top of this blog.  And while your at it do you mind  linking to my blog on your post, just to let others know where we are gathering! Thanks! :)


For this weeks photo I wanted to share a picture I captured of one of the cattails down by our stream. It wasn’t super simple to walk down there with snow above the tops of my boots, but when I saw the beauty down there it was well worth it!

Winter cattails 

I love this area behind our house.  It is so peaceful and full of God’s Beauty.  Whenever I take time to go there I feel such serenity.  There is simplicity and complexity in nature that combines together to bring magnificent beauty.

For me, abundant nature, room to move, places to explore, plenty of land surrounding me, these things speak to me of simple living and my home.

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Now it’s your turn to show us simplicity and/or home in your photo.


  1. Just lovely Jenn - your photography always is! I actually sat down here & remembered to join in today!
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Your phtography speaks that you must be a patient person.

    It's just lovely Jenn:)

  3. Heeehehehhe!!!! Oh my goodness glory, I'm just gonna spill my head out here and give you a good laugh!!!

    I only had the top part of your beautiful picture scrolled down and I'm sittin' here all aghast thinkin' that's a big old sick stuck in the side of a cow. OK.....I think I here ya laughin' now!!!!

    I was so relieved to read and scroll on down. It is indeed a marvelous picture...when ya look at the 'whole' picture! Heehehe!

    God bless ya and have an amazin' weekend!!! :o)

  4. What you just said about nature are my thoughts exactly! We live out away from town and absolutely love it. Behind our property is 28acres of woods where the pond is that I discovered, and because of that place, my blog was born, ponderings:) Out past the woods are corn fields and deer leaping from here to there. It's fun to find like-minded women. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful Jenn! So pretty. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    With Love,

  6. This photo is perfect. I love it!

  7. Hello! I am new to your blog so I'd like to say Hi. ...and I am about to submit my link! :) I really like your photos.


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