Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It


Yesterday I thought my phone line had issues again.

Anytime we have a lot of rain or snow we get a horrible buzzing in our line which eventually erases all traces of a dial tone.

Yesterday it buzzed so loudly I about lost my hearing when I went to use it.  I used my tracphone with dwindling minutes to call the phone company. I did a little dance when she told me the repair man was in the area and would come to fix it.

Rod (yes we’re on a first name basis…that happens when you have a bad line), spent an hour trying to track down the problem because its ALWAYS been outside in the line. But, he ended up inside this time and we eventually tracked it down to the modem in my computer.

UGH! The modem I had just replace a month and a half ago.

Good news the computer shop in town replaced the bad modem for free.

Bad news after I loaded and installed it, I am only getting 36 bps.  That’s ten slower than before.

Not a good thing for a girl who has a thing for blog reading and photography.

SOOOOO! Tomorrow I call my internet provider. If they can’t help me I will have to resort to calling the computer shop and possibly having it looked at AGAIN!

Just thought I would let you know why I am not reading and commenting. As soon as I get a bit more speed behind me I’ll be back in the ring! :)


  1. Well... don't hang up - just hang in there. :)

  2. Oh computer issues. PHEW! Come back soon!

  3. Hey Jenn, we had that same problem with our line and what it ended up being for us...they phone company had spliced it at some point and must have done an awful job at it so every spring when we'd have a thaw, it would crackle so bad....I did "enough of this" complaining and they came out and FIXED it the correct way at their expense and all is good now. Just saying....maybe you have a bad splice??? Good luck with them!

  4. We had the same problem with our old AT&T phone line. Six visits and no fix. We moved over to VOIP. Glad you gotR figured out

  5. aaahhh! How frustrating! But don't worry - all those blogs and pictures will be there when you rev back up!
    :) I have enjoyed popping around your blog! My friend, Amanda, of Homegrown and Beeyoutiful got me over here, and I am just having the best time :)

  6. No, it sho' ain't gonna cut it, cause how else would one sister help another sister out with her hot tempered son:)

    {{were on break now and school is much better}}thanks to some great advice from a veteran homeschool mama!

    Thanks Jenn for your great advice!

  7. Girl, sounds like ya have a server problem too. Are you still dial~up??? We went DSL as soon as it was available in our area and it changed my life. There were blogs that might take several refreshes and thirty minutes to load. Truly...not strechin' here. You probably know where I'm comin' from.

    As soon as our phone company could hook us up...we jumped right in.

    God bless ya and good luck in gettin' better service.

  8. Yeah, Nezzy...if I could get high speed I'd be jumpin' on that band wagon! We're still stuck with only dial-up. :( I totally understand about waiting for 30 minutes for pages to load...frustrating to say the least.

  9. Oh my goodness, girl. Nothin' gets to me more than tech issues... because I just don't understand, nor speak, tech. ;) Dial up? Bless your heart!

  10. Oh girlfriend! Do I know THIS problem. We don't have high speed either. Not available where we live! It takes forever to load pages, read blogs, comment, name it. Some days I have to just step away from the computer. I read all of my blogs in a reader because it's so much faster than visiting blogs. But, then sometimes I pop on over to the blog and I'm like, "Whoa" check out all of this color and cool images...who knew? Haha
    I feel your pain!

  11. Oh computer problems are such a bummer - and a tad bit annoying :). Hope it has all worked out!


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