Monday, February 28, 2011

What’s Going On


Life is just goin’ on around here. The daily, day to day, stuff.

  • I’ve been through all my seed catalogues.  With much difficulty I whittled down my list and finally my first order has been sent in and delivered.


  • Sometime soon I’m going to work on my second order that consists of herbs and a few flower seeds.


  • I’ll be making a trip with Sissy to the pediatricians this afternoon. She’s been fighting some sort of virus for over a week. She was doing pretty good until this weekend. I spent last night sleeping on the floor of her room. I dislike those nights of croupy coughs! This morning she woke with a fever. I’m thinking its gone into something bacterial at this point.


  • It’s days like these I’m thankful for a bread machine! When I’m short on time and don’t have time to knead it does the work for me. Then I can take the dough out let it rise and have fresh warm bread for supper.


  • Spring can’t get here fast enough!


  • Joel has surgery on his left hand on Wednesday for carpal tunnel and then on the 16th they’ll do his right hand.  He thinks he’ll be loading our out door wood burner one handed.  I have news for him, but he’s not ready to listen yet!  I’m thinking long about Wednesday afternoon he’ll change his mind!  I’m hoping not to singe off my eyelashes and bangs this time.


  • I’m thankful for a 14-year-old who is capable in the kitchen.  He will be starting supper for me this evening, while I’m on the road returning from Sis’s appointment. What a blessing to have help in this area when I can’t be home to do it.


  • And did I mention he really enjoys helping me set up my camera for self portraits?! I was trying to take a picture of myself and I needed him to sit in for me so I could focus my camera. That way when I go to take the picture it is focused.  Well, look at his face in this picture! Doesn’t he look thrilled! :)


  • We have 2 1/2 months left of this school year.  I think I have some boys counting down the days!


  • I’m ready for warm days, green things, and laundry swaying in the fresh breeze.


  • We’re having stir fry for dinner tonight.  I can’t wait!  It is one of my favorite meals!


  • I was told by my daughter the other day, “Momma, you have big, little buns.”  I’m not sure how to take that! :)


  • Oh! And by the way, I can’t wait for Spring!


  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with seed catalogs! I keep having to remind myself that I don't have nearly as much time as I like to think I do, and that going overboard is just going to lead to frustration in the end, but -- they're all so pretty, and full of so much hope!

    Will be thinking good thoughts for Joel's surgery. (And I hope L feels better soon!) Good luck!

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  2. "Big little buns" HA!! That's awesome.

  3. got a good chuckle out of me this afternoon.

    So, do you think we're coming on to Spring - yet? ((you sound like me!))

    yumm, you're stir-fry and homemade bread sounds delish. You think your son might want to come on down to PA - to help start our dinner? Probably won't look to thrilled if you ask him that either.

    We'll be thinkng of Joel - this week with his surgery (& you too, as you'll have to play Momma and Daddy for a little while) and yeah, no more singein' off your pretty facial features.

    big, little buns??? ;) Is she talking sweet or cinnamon?? haha

  4. What a blessing to have children who can help so much:)

    I love reading posts like this. Post about life and the everyday.

    We have an outdoor stove too. This makes me realize I need to learn how to feed the wood too. Matt has always done this and I wouldn't even know where to start. I think I will take a tutorial this weekend:)

    Have a safe evening out.

  5. I love the "big, little buns"! so cute!!

  6. made me smile...about the need for Spring, that is! Nasty...about that illness your girl has...I will pray. And your poor hubby...yucky to have to have surgery. :( Hang in there my friend!


  7. Hi Jenn
    I love seed catalogues - I spend hours pouring over them & planning my garden!
    I hope your daughter recovers quickly & your hubby's surgery goes well- I'll be praying for both these things!

  8. Those pesky seed catalogs, I love them all!

  9. I kinda get the feelin' your ready for spring. ME TOO!!!

    I sure hope your little blue eyes gets to feelin' better and it's nothin' serious for her. She's such a sweetheart!

    It's great to have a man chef to help in the kitchen. My Geek Son loved to cook....heck, he taught his wife to cook.

    I always said I would not have a son who could no cook for himself or sew a button on. Ya never know when those life skills might come in handy! Heeehehe!

    God bless you sweetie and have a great day!!!

  10. "Big little buns", ROTFL! Too cute! Great update on the family. Hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon.

  11. Hope everything went well with Joel's surgery today. Can't wait to see what you ordered from the seed catalogs! Love ya!

  12. I love your sons expression. I see it all the time on my teen-ager. (I can get him to laugh occasionaly:)
    And your daughter is adorable!
    AND. . .I can't wait for spring either. I'm on the look-out for my first daffodil.


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