Monday, March 21, 2011

At It Again…


Having Mr. Hollywood home for an extended vacation due to carpal tunnel surgery has been interesting.  This man is an on the go, hard workin’, keep me movin’ sort of dude.  He has energy and right now it’s in storage just bubbling and percolating waiting for release.  And every so often it escapes in the form of mischievousness.

Another title for a blog post showed up, typed into my Windows Live Writer last week, without my doing, how mysterious! :)

Why I  am so much like my mother…….

How curious that the title seemed to correlate with a “heavy” discussion I had had with my mom the night before! Somebody thinks he is quite humorous.  And it certainly made me laugh given the circumstances surrounding it!

So, since he is enjoying the limelight of his new found fame on my blog I thought I would oblige him!

Why I am so much like my mother…

We both tend to struggle with peoples names. For example, there is a lady that goes to our Bible Study, her name is Velvet and we repeatedly call her Violet. EVEN in prayer (that was a bit embarrassing and put a halt to all my good prayer thoughts!). Goodness knows I can’t even keep my children’s names straight. The boys really love it when I call them by their sister’s name!  I come by it honestly my mom’s own mother calls her Betty all the time!  Her name isn’t Betty. Very rarely have I ever heard her use my mom’s real name! Betty is actually my Grandma’s sister! So see I can’t help it! It is genetically bred into me! :)

We both love to craft.

We both tend to be a bit absent minded. If it’s not written out, in bold print, in an obvious place…we’ll probably forget it.

We both love to cook.

We both love to laugh.  We aren’t the most humorous people in our family. But we love a good sense of humor. And since we are surrounded by a bunch of clowns and men with dry humor, we do our part by supporting them with our laughter.

We both kinda stink at basic math.  Ask us to add or subtract something quickly and your gonna have to wait awhile! 

We both love to garden.

We both are a bit spatially challenged.  Our lists of backing into things is LONG. We’ve been known to back into other vehicles, light posts and large rocks.  One of us backed into my brother’s car right after she had warned the other one of us that it was back there. And one of us has backed over a LARGE rock in her own driveway, a rock that has been there for 9 years, thus successfully puncturing the gas tank in her car. Can you guess which one I did?!

And we both love those in our care with all the fullness of our hearts!

I just gotta love my momma!


And just because I can…


See what I mean about pent up energy! :)


  1. HA!! Hilariousness. I love it.

    I think I could write a post called "Why I am so much like Jenn and her mother". :) Truly - I can relate with it all.

  2. AH... that's funny. I sound like I could be your sis based on some of your list.

    Your man sounds like a real corker... love the hat.

  3. I'm with Bevy on this one!
    I think I may be your half sister or something.
    And Wendy, I could write that post too. That's why I have to send this post to MY mom!
    And your man.
    So glad to see he is not afraid to show his feminine side! ;o)

  4. Heeehehehe!!! Title just showed up did it??? Too funny!!!

    Ya gotta love that Mr. Hollywood!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy this beautiful Spring day!!!

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and I've been looking/reading around. Couldn't be happier to find this blog!

  6. So seriously you need to consider giving Mr. Hollywood his own "blog time" here.

    I'm for sure we could be sisters too:)

    Cute post with yet again some fun inspiration;)

  7. Fun post Jenn! Feeling a bit sorry for your hubby...too much time on his hands! :(

    Many blessings,

  8. Oh goodness. You gotta get him out of the house!

  9. OMGosh! Too funny. I just loved this post. You're husband sounds like a riot. My hubby would be going nuts, too. Hope he's helping you with the homeschooling, LOL. Blessings to you guys, Jackie

  10. Sounds like your man keeps you on your toes - so funny!!

    I think that, while your name problem might be partly genetic, it also has something to do with Mommy Brain. When I need one of the children, they usually hear something like, "Al-Ja-Mi-Audrey!!" Sometimes the poor cat even gets thrown in there. It's terrible. But happens so often, they are used to it...and put up with it quite well! :)

  11. Oh, and I hope your hubby's carpal tunnel gets better soon. And be sure to tell him that hat is perfect on him - the yellow flower really brings out his, uh...eyes??

  12. Oh, this made me chuckle! I have quite an entertaining family!


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