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This morning after breakfast, I started up the computer and opened up my Windows Live Writer so that I could work on starting a post for today.  I walked away and went to my bedroom to get dressed.  When I came back out I just happened to glance at the screen of my computer. There was one line typed on the page. I walked closer trying to figure out how it was that I couldn’t remember typing something! Then I looked closer! I couldn’t stop laughing! And I knew immediately that my post to be had been hijacked by someone tall, dark and handsome!

This is what I saw…

Why I am so mean to my poor Husband

Obviously he is suffering….horribly!  Oh what a poor soul!  You just have to feel for him having been mistreated so awfully by his unfeeling wife! :)

I mean REALLY how could anyone treat someone this way. Not paying attention to his every need.  No babying or hovering has taken place for this one armed bandit. No loving and extra gentle care. Oh no! I booted his hiney right out of the lazy boy on the very first day and made him chop wood! Seriously! What good is a man if he ain’t out choppin’ wood.

Joel Joel-1 Joel-2


So neglected, so forgotten, so unloved!


He can’t even get his wife to bake him his favorite cookies!


Tears and compassion welcome!

***Special thanks goes out to Joel, who with his inspirational title, sparked a blog post within my blank little mind!


  1. I cam tell he is so mistreated.
    Poor baby...

  2. I don't know if I can shed any tears...he looks pretty happy, content, and loved to me!

  3. This just made me laugh! Poor abused and neglected guy!

  4. That is (adorably) too funny...

    You guys are fun!! Blessings for healing.

  5. really need to reform your ways Jenn. Poor guy. :(

    I do hope he gets well soon.

    Have a great week!
    Maybe you should go to Hawaii! ;-)

    Many blessings,

  6. LOL! He is obviously abused, overworked and starving, poor guy. You really should be nicer to him ;)

  7. I smiled the entire read through this post.

    So much fun:)

    Chopping wood on the first day, your a real country girl Jenn. If I've never told you that, you are hard core girl!


  8. Bless....

    Is he happy now that this post brought him soo much attention??

  9. Well, I can tell he is back to his old self, so he shouldn't need too much babying, right? Those are great pictures. I'm glad he has finally made peace with the camera!

  10. poor neglected soul! how fun would this
    link party be: let your husband write the
    first line. yikes!!!!

  11. So funny. I needed a good laugh!


  12. "poor" husband...

    This is so funny!

  13. Your brutal! Wow, what a guy,though. I'm super I'm super-impressed!

    Keep on spoiling him ;)

  14. Oh my goodness - SO funny!! Feeling so sorry for your mistreated man!!

    Thanks for stopping by Treasured Chapters. Very interested in your Simply Saturday. I'd love to participate in the future!

  15. bless his little ole heart!

  16. Hi There,

    Just found your blog and was glancing over your "homeschool" archives. I homeschool as well but I'm past the "keeping the little one busy" part! Just wanted to pass on a great idea that the Lord gave me when I was at that stage. I bought a Rubbermaid tub, the sturdy blue kind and one that was fairly shallow. I went to Costco and bought a HUGE bag of rice, put it in the container along with scoopers, spoons, etc. I also put an old sheet inside so that each time we got the "rice bucket" out I could lay the sheet down first. You'll still need to vacuum some but it's worth the time you'll get with your students!
    P.S. I learned right away that I had to make the rule that you can't actually get IN the rice bucket. Ha! :)

    J in WA

  17. You freaked me right out girl! I thought you were serious at first!!!
    Poor babe, sounds like your gonna need quite alot of TLC when he's all healed up!

  18. Jenn!! I thought I knew you better. We really do need to get together and talk . . .over a latte . . . for the afternoon . . .actually, the whole day . . . shopping too . . .only because you need a stern talking to. I will sacrifice my time for the betterment of your marriage! LOL

  19. Jenn, amazing post and I love hubbies that have such a great sense of humor. My hubs is so spoiled that a dear friend purchased him a electric log splitter & now, I see more of him and less chopping!
    Shame on you for being so mean...:)

  20. How Funny!!
    (and those cookies look YUM-O)

  21. How Funny!!
    (and those cookies look YUM-O)

  22. What a funny husband you have! That is too cute!
    Yes, he looks so awfully neglected. :)

  23. LOL - too funny! Those bikkies look delicious!
    Have fun!


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