Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Year of Heart Bursting Love


I know it’s cliché, but I can’t help saying it.

Where has the time gone?

My girl.

You are growing so fast. Time has made you more independent. It has blossomed your personality. It has allowed us to partake in this gift of you.

You make us laugh with sayings like, “I’ve got to get my hair cut.  My sweat-a-hardia is kicking in.” (That’s something akin to tachycardia which I had recently been talking about).

Your laugh is contagious. 

Your strong will is frustrating and commendable. You know your own mind and you aren’t shy about letting everyone know about it!

Your blue eyes capture everyone. WOW!  So expressive and sparkling.  I see God in those eyes!  Keep on shining for Him.



Can a girl be more loved?

Your brothers dote on you.  Your Papa adores you.  And I just can’t get enough of you.

You are preciousness wrapped up in a long-legged, blue-eyed, full of energy, body.

You love God and ask questions about Him that astound me.  God has great plans for you. I pray daily that you will continue to desire to serve Him always.

You girl, are life!

Sparkling, bright, vibrant, silly, exciting, confusing, emotional, and absolutely beautiful LIFE.

God has blessed us so abundantly and I am ever grateful for the gift He gave me of you.

I love you with a heart bursting!




Happy 6th Birthday to you, my little girl who has completely stolen my heart!


  1. Oh, 6! Wow... She is growing up just as lovely as her mother!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! What a treasure trove of love she'll have to find when she looks back on what you've written:)

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! The photos are wonderful!

  4. I ask myself the same question, where is the time going? Beautiful post, Jenn!

  5. Tell me it can't be possible, our precious Blue Eyes is six! Really!!!

    Oh how they do grow up so quickly!

    Happy Happy birthday little darlin'!

    I tell ya, I get lost in those eyes.

    God bless and have a wonderful day filled with celebration! :o)

  6. Such a beauty inside and out! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

  7. Happy birthday to your precious little gift from God!

  8. It's been a joy to follow your blog these last few years and watch her grow!

    yes, turning into a beautiful young woman!

    Happy Birthday L!

  9. She's a beauty. Your photo record is priceless.

  10. She's a beautiful girl. :)

  11. Jenn~ What a treasure you have in her.
    We have such a blessed life when it really comes down to it, don't we?
    Celebrating with you, my friend!

  12. Emma says *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to your little miss!!!

    Love to you Jenn.
    Camille :)
    (and Emma)


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