Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I See

It’s early, overcast and gray. The sun is staying hidden behind a thick blanket of clouds. I glance out my bedroom window and see beaded raindrops on the Bleeding Heart below my window and I can’t resist.

My children still sleep and I just might be able to slip outside with my camera.  It’s a time of worship and thanking.

How can anyone see these beautiful intricacies and deny there is one awesome, mighty, Creator.



The light is dim and I have to push up my ISO to 1000.  But, I’m willing to risk a bit of graininess for the sake of putting my heart into my photographs.


columbine bud

I get down close.  I kneel on the ground and put on my extension tube. These rain drops beg for macro shots.  I lean in close, hold my breath and attempt to get a clear picture with a shutter speed of 1/40.


bleeding heart-w

And my heart is filled with awe and thankfulness for this moment.  This moment of just God and me enjoying his magnificent creations.


soap wort buds-w 



The details in each and every flower hold me. They capture a bit of God’s beauty and they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I serve a glorious God.


soap wort-w


I could spend all morning looking for the spectacular. But, I know my children will be waking soon.  Besides I know that there is spectacular in every moment of every day as long as my focus is spot on.  A focus that is honed in on the faithful, good, beautiful One. 


rain drops-w

My God and Savior who is worthy of all my praise!


  1. Amen to that darlin'! Oh, these pictures are remarkable sweetie. The dew drops glisten and the details are incredible.

    I so miss my 35mm with all the bell, whistles, lens and filters. The kids got me a point and shoot several years ago but I can't get the quality pics I long for.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a great day in the Lord!!! :o)

  2. You and I had the same thoughts today. I was wishing you were here with your macro lens today twice. Once for a beautiful, vibrant pink Dutch Windflower that had the most beautiful center and after a thunderstorm passed through and my irises were glistening with drops of rain :) Beautiful pictures!

  3. So very beautiful! He does create beauty!

  4. So very beautiful, and I love your words.

  5. Oh, Jenn, I feel like i was right there, holding my breath with you. Beautiful!

  6. You may end up with 2 comments here.
    My phone is having issues.

    Beautiful and amazing photos!
    The water droplets are so beautiful.

    You are so talented!

  7. Yes indeed!!!

    Beautiful Jenn!

  8. These are incredible! I love all the detail! And the quiet moment you got to enjoy while taking them!

    That connection you feel with God when you are photographing nature is how I feel when I run. It's normally the only time I have during the day where my mind can sort through everything. I'm the only one on the road, watching the sunrise, and seeing all of the beauty that God created waking up. :o) It's spectacular!

  9. Amen... to keeping our focus honed in...long and intent. WE will continue to see His glory, if we do that.

    I always love your attention to detail. You've got such a good eye.

  10. What is it about raindrops of flowers?!

    you've captured the beauty in the ordinary:)!


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