Friday, June 12, 2015

In a Moment


How do I capture the last eighteen years in black strokes that appear on a white screen?  How do I express all the emotions and thoughts I have for you with mere words?
I’m in over my head.  The words tumble in my head and jumble up in my heart.
In a moment you went from my little boy to a man.  

The years flew and transformed us all.
And here we are…

Here you are…

A young man ready for adventure and independence, ready to stand on your own two feet, to become the man God has called you to be.   A soldier, a warrior called by God to demolish strongholds and chains.  God calls you a freedom giver, a comforter for the oppressed, a hope bringer and LIFE giver.  You are His light.  Where you go, wherever your foot falls you bring His light.  Darkness cannot stand where Jesus is and so it will not stand where you are for you are a reflection of Him.  You are illumination, shining brilliantly, startling rays that change the very atmosphere around you. 

Stand strong, my son, in what He says about you.  You are His son.  He has created you with His perfection and when He looks at you He sees this perfection.  He does not look down at you with consternation or disappointment. No!  He looks at you on the level, eye to eye, face to face.  And He sees your heart.  He sees your drive, your love, your questions, your convictions, your struggles, your strengths and He loves you completely.  You are called His royal priest, created to rock this world with the love of Jesus. 

My love for you is intense and it swells up within me until the tears start to flow.  I am so proud of you!  You are an amazing man with a heart to change this world.  One moment I am reminiscing about my sweet boy, getting a bit emotional; the next I am bubbling with excitement and expectation, because I know God has amazing, astounding, awesome plans for you.

It’s time!
Time for a brand new journey.
Pack your bags, baby.  God’s gonna take you far and wide. 
Keep your heart open to His. Listen to His voice.  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
It’s going to be a ride (and maybe, just maybe, you’ll need a sidekick now and then)!
So, go forth!  Bring the Light!  Storm the Gates!
I’m with you!  Fighting this fight for our Savior! 


Your Momma

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