Friday, June 5, 2015

My Randi Girl

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I remember the first day I saw you, just in passing, in the fellowship hall at church.  Four years ago our eyes met.  I stared.  My heart leapt and immediately I knew God had a plan for us.

I had to get to know you! I had to know what was behind those beautiful blue eyes that pulled at my heart so desperately. I must have seemed like a stalker at first, finding every opportunity to talk to you and find out more about you.  I was pretty relentless, for two years!  But, there was a drive far beyond myself pushing me to invade your space.

How was I to know that I would get to breathe LIFE into your soul.  That God would use me to initiate a healing process that would transform you.

Tears are pouring down my face as I think back over the past couple of years.  Words fall short.

You are my girl!  My love.  You have my heart, a part of me belongs to you— a connection that is interwoven with no beginning or end.  

I love you with a momma’s love, a friend’s love, a fellow warrior’s love.  I have been so blessed to be able to walk alongside you.  Seeking God, fighting the enemy, falling into our Savior’s arms, picking each other up and brushing off the dust when we have fallen.

The words are tangled in my emotions.  I want to grab you and never let go. 

I want to tell you that you are amazing.  That my heart breaks to think that time and place may separate us.  I need you to know that you are loved by me, but even more by Jesus who bought you with His life. What perfect love!  I want to fling my arms around you and hold you close (fighting the urge to call you this very minute in tears telling you how much I love you).

I need you to know what God says about you, who He calls you, how He adores you.  And you need to grab a hold of His love for you and never let go.

I want you to know that you have been called specifically by God to be a world changer.  He has chosen you to bring His LIGHT.  To chase away the darkness, open the blind eyes, free the chained hearts, and bring joy to the joyless.

I need to tell you that His beauty radiates from within you. His Holy Spirit- so evident within you that you are magnetic. 


Oh my sweet girl!  I am going to miss our Tuesday over-lunch talks.  Tearing off little bits of our food and attempting to eat while gushing forth all that we have to say— need  to say, pouring forth essential thoughts and words.  Finding more of Jesus, experiencing His healing, being washed with His all encompassing love- it has been tearing down and building up.  Getting rid of what was not of God and soaking up what was.  It has been tears and pent up emotions boiling forth.  And then in the next breath, giggles, hugs and deep understanding of each other.

And so God has blessed us with the beauty of each other.

But, really I think I am the winner.  I gained a beautiful friend and daughter.

I love you completely!

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  1. amazing words of encouragement, Jenn. What a beautiful relationship!


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